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Can You Rent Carnival Swings in Florida?

By May 23, 2022June 13th, 2022Resources
Can You Rent Carnival Swings in Florida? | Rent Carnival Thrill Rides

Classic fair and carnival-themed parties have become extremely popular in recent years for company parties, school events and even big community parties. One of the most popular ideas is to rent carnival swings in Florida for these types of events, something that is now more convenient than ever to accomplish.

For example, Fun Crew USA offers not only the Cyclone Swing thrill ride but also many other attractions that work perfectly with a carnival-themed event. They’re all great additions to baby showers, birthday parties, corporate events, school fairs, church fundraisers and other types of events.

Why Are Carnival Swings in Florida So Popular?

Nostalgic midways, vintage boardwalk themes, carnival-style thrill rides – they’ve all continued to grow in popularity in recent years. Part of it is the nostalgia factor for those who have gone to great carnivals in the past. Part of it is introducing younger people to the fun of a carnival. But most of it is because carnivals remain a great way to share a good time!

When you rent carnival swings in Florida, you get a classic ride from the carnival midway. The Cyclone Swing offers up to 20 passengers a thrilling minute and a half ride, revolving from 5 rpm to 18 rpm. Riders, safely strapped into their seats, slowly elevate farther and farther off the ground as the ride swings them faster. It’s a staple of all the best carnival events.

In addition to the Cyclone Swing, you can also rent The Windup, which features carts that two people can sit in. By turning their wheels at the center of the cart, they can make themselves spin faster and faster. It’s a great ride for fans of getting dizzy.

What Type of Events Use a Carnival Swing?

Carnival swings in Florida work well at a wide variety of events and parties.

  • Company parties
  • Fall festivals
  • Kid’s birthday parties
  • Corporate events
  • College welcome week
  • Large summer block parties
  • Community events
  • Large church events
  • School fundraisers

Adding a carnival swing and other thrill rides to a big event boosts engagement and makes the experience that much more memorable. They go perfectly with the other elements of a carnival-themed event, including bright colors, delicious food, and midway games.

Other Carnival-Themed Thrill Rides

In addition to a carnival swing, party planners can also rent other thrill rides that will take their event to the next level.

They include waterslides, obstacle courses, dunk tanks and a host of thrill rides. Those thrill rides include unique attractions such as the Dizzy X maze, bumper cars, the Magic Teacups ride and Odin’s Fury.

These rentals can make any carnival themed party a big hit. When party planners add a carnival swing in Florida, they give guests an event they will remember for many years to come. They also provide them with a reason to remember those great carnivals they visited as a kid.

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