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Add a vibrant, electrifying element to your next tradeshow event, college festival or corporate party with futuristic glow furniture rentals

Make your next event a memorable one with the addition of glow furniture rentals! They add an unforgettable aesthetic to your event. The soft, colorful glow emitted by our glow in the dark furniture creates a visually stunning ambiance your guests will enjoy. It’s especially popular for tradeshow events, college festivals, and corporate parties.

This LED furniture comes in a wide variety of choices. Fun Crew USA currently offers more than two dozen LED furniture rentals. They include chairs, cocktail tables in many shapes and sizes, and a selection of curved benches. There are also decorative pieces in the shape of boxes, pillars, mushrooms, giant balls, stars and more. You can even get a glow furniture-style cornhole game or seesaw! And two of the most popular choices are the glow in the dark rabbit and polar bear.

Why add glow furniture to your event? These party furniture rentals create a unique ambiance that is unlike anything people have seen. They also:

  • Invite guests to interact with the event space, with the warm glow of the furniture becoming a part of the experience.
  • Enhance the theme of your event, serving as a centerpiece attraction that brings the concept together, or as a separate area where people enjoy a unique atmosphere and experience.
  • Provide guests with an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind photo opportunity.
  • Give something to guests that they don’t see in everyday settings, creating a distinctive, futuristic atmosphere that they’ll remember long after the party is over.
  • Give party planners options in how they use the glow furniture to get the most out of what they offer to their event.

The versatility in how you use glow furniture makes them a popular choice with party planners. In addition to the different shapes, styles and functions, glow furniture is available in all the colors of the rainbow. They also offer different lighting features – you can keep them solid, have them rotate through different colors, or flash on and off.

Glow furniture offers a dynamic element of entertainment, especially for events where a lively and energetic atmosphere is desired. Unique and visually appealing elements like glow furniture create a memorable experience for guests. They’ll talk about your event long after it’s over, leaving a positive and lasting impression.

Whatever kind of event you’re planning, glow party rental furniture injects an element of excitement and visual appeal!

Contact Fun Crew USA through the form on this page to learn more about our glow furniture options and how you can use them for your next event.

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