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Labor Day Party Ideas for Employees

By June 11, 2022July 11th, 2022Resources
Labor Day Party Ideas for Employees | Corporate Labor Day Celebration

A Labor Day party offers a chance for employers to recognize the hard work of all employees that leads to business success. The annual event in the first weekend of September is the centerpiece for Labor Day Weekend, which unofficially marks the end of summer (although officially summer does not end until later in September).

The federal government made Labor Day a holiday starting in 1894, designed to honor the contributions of the American worker. While it’s only one day, it allows for a three-day weekend, giving people a chance to relax before the start of the fall season and the holidays at the end of the year.

For businesses, nonprofits and government agencies, a Labor Day party typically involves food and beverage, a chance to socialize and fun and games.

Ideas For a Labor Day Party

Throwing a Labor Day Party requires paying attention to practical event management details such as picking the right location, getting permits and obtaining proper insurance. It also requires creativity in coming up with ideas that will give everyone a fond memory to cherish for years to come. The following ideas focus on the creative side.

Keep in mind that a Labor Day party should:

  • Improve employee morale
  • Allow opportunities for employees to get to know each other better
  • Make employees feel valued
  • Offer public recognition for employees who have made major contributions to company success

Company Picnic

The classic Labor Day party involves a picnic outdoors, giving you room to add carnival games, inflatables and other forms of entertainment (a dunk tank for the boss, perhaps?). A smaller scale picnic could even happen on the business campus. Classic food for such an event includes barbecue, hamburgers and hot dogs.

A Bosses Cookout

Whether it’s a company picnic or a cafeteria-style meal at the office, one of the fun ways to celebrate Labor Day – and show appreciation for workers – is to have the bosses cook and serve all the food at your Labor Day party. They get a chance to show off their cooking skills (or pick up something tasty to serve) and employees get to enjoy a great meal.

What do party guests like to eat?

Play Games

Offering the classic games – especially the giant-sized versions – is a lot of fun for employees. This especially works well if you choose a carnival theme for your party, offering nostalgic games that people will remember playing on the midway.

Go Big

A Labor Day party also can become one of the biggest celebrations of the year. After all, who is more important to celebrate for an organization than the employees who make the business successful? You’ll need plenty of space, but entertainment rentals such as water slides, obstacle courses, thrill rides and carnival games can make the Labor Day party one of the biggest of the year at the office.

Great Treats

Rather than throw a party, managers can surprise employees by bringing in an assortment of great treats they can sample, such as cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and donuts from a local bakery. Simply place them in the break room with a sign thanking everyone for their hard work and wishing all a happy Labor Day weekend. This works well when coupled with the next choice below.

Shorten the Workday

Few things inspire love and loyalty from employees like getting some time off. Businesses can couple their Labor Day party with a shortened workday, allowing everyone to leave the office after the party and go home. As pleasant surprises go, this one will rank near the top.

Keep these ideas in mind to throw a memorable Labor Day party for your organization. Employees will appreciate the recognition of their hard work, and bosses will appreciate the culture of camaraderie it inspires.

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