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What is Event Management?

By October 19, 2020December 8th, 2020Resources
What is Event Management? | Large Events Checklist for Professionals

For corporations and businesses, event management requires combining expertise in practical issues as well as ensuring employees and party guests have an experience to remember. Some of those practical issues include location, permitting, insurance, inspections and safety.

Working with a professional entertainment company can make event management much easier to handle. However, for corporate party planners just getting started, it’s also important to know the questions to ask an entertainment company to ensure you work with an experienced partner for your party.

How to Become an Event Planner

Having a thorough event checklist can help get the ball rolling in the right direction. Here’s an overview of some of the topics a checklist should cover.

Location is Everything

The decision on where to hold a company party deserves a great deal of attention. Everything about a party flows from location. The first decision is deciding whether to hold the event on the corporate campus if that’s possible. Another important consideration is whether to hold the event indoors or outdoors, depending on the expected weather (having a Plan A and Plan B is a good idea).

Other issues involved with location include making sure it can hold the number of people expected to attend and provide ample parking. It’s also important to know whether you can provide security for the event if needed.

Get Help With Event Management


Almost every location will require a permit of some kind, typically from the local Fire Marshal or Risk Management office. The municipal government or county may also require other permits. To get most permits, you also will need an accurate estimate of how many people will attend your event.

Unique Ways to Invite People to a Party


Insurance is another must for big parties. That extends to any vendor or suppliers you have for the event. The exact types of insurance are complicated depending on the size and nature of the event. This is another area where a professional entertainment company can provide important direction.

Safety and Inspections

Experienced party companies know all the safety issues involved with every rental they offer. Reputable companies will assist in setting up and operating rentals safely. There are many other issues to consider, including how to place food vendors in relation to other attractions and properly spacing the rentals. Inspection regulations will vary whether you hold a public or private party. Certain equipment such as generators may also require inspections by local officials.

How Fun Crew USA Keeps Customers Safe

Questions for Entertainment Companies

This is an important area in event management. It prevents companies from hiring entertainment companies unprepared to handle the demands of a large event. Knowing what questions to ask is the key. They include ensuring the company stays in communication before an event, they have maintenance records for all entertainment rentals and that they can provide photos and referrals from past events.

This just scratches the surface of event management, but it provides an overview of some issues all companies face when planning a major event. The best move is to work with an entertainment company that goes beyond simply renting rides and works with clients to make their event both safe and fun.

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