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It’s Never a Bad Time for a Patriotic-Themed Party

By July 1, 2024July 2nd, 2024Resources

July 4th might be the classic day for a patriotic-themed party, but it’s not the only one. You don’t need an official holiday to get your red, white, and blue on? A patriotic-themed party is a fantastic way to celebrate your love for your country any day of the year. It’s especially good for big events or company parties.

Whether it’s a corporate event or an epic college festival, here’s why it’s always a great idea to go patriotic and some fun ideas to get your party planning wheels spinning!

You can start by checking out the patriotic related rentals from Fun Crew USA. All of them

Ideas for Company Patriotic-Themed Parties

Hosting a patriotic-themed company party is a fantastic way to foster camaraderie, celebrate national pride, and create a fun and memorable experience for your employees. Here are some engaging and festive ideas to help you plan a spectacular event.

Red, white, and blue dress code. Encourage employees to come dressed in their best red, white, and blue outfits. Consider offering a prize for the most creative or spirited attire to boost participation and enthusiasm.

Patriotic decorations. Transform your venue with patriotic decorations. Use flags, bunting, balloons, and streamers in red, white, and blue. Centerpieces featuring stars and stripes can add a festive touch to tables. Don’t forget to include American-themed props for a photo booth to capture fun memories.

All-American menu. Serve up classic American fare that everyone loves. Think burgers, hot dogs, BBQ ribs, corn on the cob, potato salad, and coleslaw. For dessert, consider apple pie, red velvet cupcakes, and patriotic-themed cookies. Provide a variety of beverages, including a signature red, white, and blue punch.

Patriotic music playlist. Create a playlist featuring patriotic songs and classic American hits. Songs like “Living in America” and “Party in the USA” can set the tone for a lively and festive atmosphere. You might even consider hiring a live band to play American classics.

Games and activities. Organize games and activities that align with the patriotic theme. Some ideas include a Flag Relay Race, patriotic trivia, a cornhole tournament, and patriotic crafts stations.

Photo booth with patriotic props. Create a photo booth with patriotic props such as Uncle Sam hats, star-shaped sunglasses, and American flags. Provide a backdrop featuring the American flag or a patriotic mural. Encourage employees to take photos and share them on social media with a custom event hashtag.

Patriot-Themed Attractions for a Patriotic Party

patriotic rentals

Fun Crew USA offers a ton of patriotic-themed attractions that will go great with an event that honors the U.S.A. Here are some examples of what’s available.

Patriot Games

Let the games begin! In Patriot Games, four players stand on individually mounted pedestals within a 25′ x 25′ and 6-foot-tall pit. The objective is to stay standing as a rotating arm swings in a circular motion, attempting to knock you off your pedestal. The arm moves counterclockwise, with varying speeds and heights, ensuring an unpredictable and merciless challenge. The last person standing claims victory! It’s perfect for July 4th parties, Veteran’s Day celebrations, and any festive event.

30’ Double Lane Patriot Water Slide

This is the big one! Showcase your love for the country at your next event with the bold and impressive 30’ Double Lane Patriot Water Slide. Decked out in vibrant red, white, and blue, this water slide is not just big, it’s fast and fun, making it a perfect addition to any large event. Partygoers will relish the chance to cool off and compete, and it can even be used without water!

All American Bounce House Rental

Don’t leave the little ones out of the patriotic fun. The All American Bounce House is the perfect addition to any patriotic event. Adorned in vibrant red, white, and blue, this bounce house is a must-have for 4th of July and other patriotic-themed parties. It’s designed to create lasting memories for events of all sizes, making it a highlight that kids of all ages will love. The All American Bounce House is ideal for neighborhood gatherings, church events, and school field days.

Enclosed Wipe Out

It may not have a patriot-themed name, but the color scheme on the Enclosed Wipe Out is going to fit right into your party plans. And it has a lot to offer guests. Inspired by the high-energy “Wipeout” TV game show, this attraction features advanced ZeroShock technology to enhance the thrill. Participants face a challenging 9-foot climb, leading to a heart-pounding leap across four large, air-filled balls. Each ball, designed to test your balance, moves unpredictably with every shift in weight, heightening the excitement and unpredictability.

Conquering the Enclosed Wipe Out requires courage and agility!

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