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Exciting Inflatable Centerpieces For Company Parties and Events

By April 25, 2021May 24th, 2021Resources
Exciting Inflatable Centerpieces For Company Parties and Events

Every company party or big event needs an attraction that draws the attention of every person who walks in. Inflatable centerpieces refer to inflatable attractions that fit that description, including giant slides, extreme obstacle courses and thrilling games.

These inflatable centerpieces for parties can’t just be your typical slide or obstacle course. To find something that can serve as a centerpiece – an attraction that everyone notices and wants to try – you need something big, eye-catching and lots of fun.

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Ideas for Inflatable Centerpieces for Parties

The following ideas are great for company parties, big events, school fundraisers, church events and neighborhood parties. Keep in mind that these inflatables can serve as the centerpiece attraction at your event. You also have options outside of inflatables, including carnival rides, mechanical attractions, rock walls and thrill rides.

Thrill Rides and Action Games

Inflatable Slides

The great thing about inflatable slide rentals is the versatility. You can rent slides that fit together to make gigantic slides (recommended for an inflatable centerpiece at a party). You can also use some slides both dry and wet, allowing you to turn part of your event into a waterpark. Today’s slides are beautifully made with eye-popping colors and designs. They’re also big enough to tower over the rest of the attractions at your event, just like a centerpiece should!

Inflatable Slides (Wet or Dry)

Themed Slides

Some slides are perfect for a location or time of year. For example, you can rent the following, all of which create a fabulous atmosphere.

36-foot Gator Slide. No Florida party is complete without this giant slide that features a detailed, realistic and giant version of an alligator.

The Mausoleum. Perfect for a Halloween party – or for the millions who just like monster movies and haunted houses – the Mausoleum is built like a giant haunted mansion with images of vampires, werewolves, graveyards, skulls, bats and much more.

Alpine Tubing. Perfect for a winter party or Christmas party, this slide is snow-themed with a painted Alpine ski track and a rustic chalet at the top.

Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses work well not only with young party goers, but the adults, as well. They are fun team-building exercises for employers. They also can bring family and friends together. Whatever the case, these are some of the most original and entertaining obstacle courses you can find.

Dizzy X. Like the name implies, players are going to do some spinning. Up to four people stand on a spinning dais as the center of this obstacle course. Once they’ve spun enough times to get dizzy, they then must navigate their own, individual obstacle course to reach the finish line.

120’ Nuclear Obstacle Course. This is the creme de la creme of the inflatable obstacle course world, with rock walls, pop ups, tunnels, slides – you name it, this one has it.

Savage Obstacle Course. This one provides exactly what the name implies, which is a barrage of slides, tunnels, stairs, climbing walls, pop ups and curves. It’s made by combining four different courses into one giant piece of inflatable awesomeness.

Inflatable Games

Anyone who has watched some of the contests on television featuring unique games will recognize some of the games that make fantastic inflatable centerpieces for company parties and events. They include:

  • Zorb tracks. Players get inside giant plastic balls to race on an inflatable track.
  • Patriot Games-Wipeout. Players stand on a dais in an inflatable arena and avoid a spinning arm.
  • Big Baller. Players leap from one giant, inflatable ball to another and try not to fall.
  • Bungee Run. Players try to run down an inflatable lane while attached to a bungee cord before it snaps them back.
  • Gladiator Joust. Just like jousting, but everything is soft, safe and inflatable.

Party planners can use any of these as an inflatable centerpiece at a company party or big event. The idea for any party is to give guests an attraction with a “wow” factor that is also a lot of fun to do. These inflatables get the job done.

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