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Fall Festival Ideas for Employees and Their Families

By August 15, 2022August 29th, 2022Resources
Fall Festival Ideas for Employees and Their Families | Fall Fest

Florida’s balmy temperatures make it an ideal location to host outdoor events, especially in fall. If you want to reward your employees for their hard work, strengthen team bonds and celebrate your company’s success, a fall festival for your staff and their families is a great option.

To get started, take a look at these top tips for planning a fall event in Florida and be inspired by these fall festival ideas:


Depending on where you’re hosting the event, you may want to turn it into a two or three-day extravaganza, complete with on-site accommodations. In true festival style, you can rent tents and teepees to create a ‘glamping’ feel and provide guests with access to all the home comforts they’ll need.

Rides and Attractions

Add fun and excitement to your corporate festival with thrill rides and attractions. Halloween and fall themed rentals are perfect for the time of year and they’ll ensure that every guest gets a chance to showcase their skills – and bravery! With rides to suit all ages, employees and their families can navigate through an inflatable Corn Maze, soar down the Mausoleum Inflatable Slide, try to stay upright on a Mechanical Pumpkin and much, much more!

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Lighting and Illuminations

As the sun goes down, the right lighting will set the atmosphere and ensure the party keeps going. Lighting design can transform an event but it’s also an important way to maximize safety, so be sure to consider this aspect of your festival carefully. In addition to floodlights in areas such as car lots, you can use spotlights and LEDs to illuminate key features and attractions. What’s more – you can use your company’s brand colors to create a truly themed event.

Food and Drink

If you want to keep your guests happy, providing great-tasting food and drink is always a good start! Pop-up bars are a great option for corporate festivals, as they allow you to cater to a wide audience. From burgers and hot dogs to burritos, noodles and fully loaded vegan nachos, there are endless options. With professional catering and bar staff, you can ensure your guests have access to a delicious range of meals, snacks, and refreshments.

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Music and Entertainment

Whether live music will be the main attraction, or you simply want a few tunes to play in the background, you’ll need to plan the audio setup in advance. Hiring a professional band or DJ is an easy way to make sure your event goes with a swing, but range of speakers and a varied playlist can work just as well for smaller, informal events.

Planning a Corporate Festival

Hosting events for employees and their families is an important way of building trust and generating loyalty, as well as an effective way of thanking your staff for their contributions. However, large-scale events take some planning, so don’t be tempted to leave it until the last minute. With the right prep and a range of attractions and activities, you can be confident that your event will be memorable for all the right reasons.


  • Glamping sounds like a great event idea! It definitely feels different than billeting them in hotels, but also comfortable enough for employees with kids

  • Zaun Kaufen says:

    The variety of activities, from pumpkin carving contests to hayrides, ensures there’s something for everyone. These ideas not only promote team bonding but also create a vibrant and festive atmosphere. The inclusion of family-friendly elements adds a special touch, making these events inclusive and enjoyable for all.

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