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Can You Rent Carnival Game Trailers?

By July 19, 2022August 26th, 2022Resources
Can You Rent Carnival Game Trailers? | Vintage Midway Games

Party planners can rent carnival game trailers for their next event, giving them the ability recreate the fun of a midway. The trailers make a unique addition to seasonal events, college festivals, company parties and school fundraisers.

These carnival game trailers are vintage style, group game trailers that provide party guests a lot of fun while also evoking nostalgia for classic carnivals. With the popularity of midway carnival games and carnival-themed events riding high right now, game trailers make a smart addition to creation of a memorable party.

Our Current Product Catalog

Game Trailers Available for Parties Across the Southeast

Headquartered in Orlando, Fun Crew USA serves clients in Florida and across the Southeast with high quality entertainment rental options for corporate events, company parties, college festivals and other large-scale events. Those options include vintage midway carnival games.

There are currently four types of carnival game trailers available. Each provides a unique experience, just like you’d find on a carnival midway.

Hoop Shots

Designed with four hoops, the Hoop Shots Game Trailer allows groups to compete against each other. It’s also big enough to provide space both above and below to display the prizes people can win if they sink a shot (or two or three). Like all the carnival game trailers available for rent, they add a nostalgia factor for older party attendees and introduce younger people to an old-fashioned (but every entertaining) kind of fun.

Bowler Roller

One of the great things about the Bowler Roller is how it looks. It has a “straight off the midway” design, with a giant awning in front festooned with lights. Then, there’s the game itself, which is easy to do but hard to master. Players roll a ball up a track, trying to get it over a hump without the ball rolling back. It’s a great skill challenge for both kids and adults. With 12 lanes, large groups can play all at once.

Derby Races

Also known as the Roll-A-Ball™ game, Derby Races offers a racing game and also features a roller ball game. The trailer is set up with vertical lanes in front and stools for each player. Running horizontally above these lanes is a race track where each player has a racer. Players roll a ball down a short track, trying to sink it into holes of different values (the highest value holes are fewer in number and at the top of the track). When they sink a ball, it moves their racer ahead on the track. The player who can sink the most balls the fastest – or roll their ball into the highest value holes – will win.

Up to 14 players can race at once. One of the coolest things is the game trailer comes with thirty different themes, with unique racers for each theme. Some of the most popular are:

  • Beach Cruiser
  • Smurf Races
  • Cow Races
  • Reindeer Run
  • Running Back Races
  • Surf Dog Races
  • Minion Races
  • Motorcycle Races


The 3N1 carnival game trailer provides exactly what the name implies – three games in one trailer! The standard three games included with the 3N1 are a six-player water race game, short range basketball shooting, and the goblet toss. It’s the perfect way to pack a lot of fun into a smaller space, as well as give people a variety of choices on the type of game they can play.

These carnival game trailers can turn any company party, festival, or fundraiser into a memorable experience for everyone who attends. With a high entertainment and nostalgia factor, these games give party planners another winning addition to their next event.

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