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Creating a Fall Festival to Remember

By July 25, 2016Resources
Florida Fall Festival Planning

Of all the places to have a fall festival, Florida is one of the best. As the temperatures lower and the rain becomes less frequent, the weather gets close to perfect for being outside.

That’s why so many big outdoor events are held in the fall months and early winter in the Sunshine State. Those months are usually filled with days of blue skies and moderate weather.

And of course the fall season is a good choice for a festival for other reasons. Such as the fact that kids are going back to school and there are many different holidays.

So if you are looking at creating a festival, here are some considerations to keep in mind. Luckily, in terms of entertainment, there are more choices than even thanks to party rental companies such as Fun Crew USA.

Fall Festival Planning: Decisions, Decisions

As with any large-scale event, the first decision is who will be put in charge. And then it’s incumbent on that person to create a team of people who will be in charge of certain areas.

Date and location are also big decisions. As mentioned, in Florida in the fall there will be plenty of days with fantastic weather. Still, it’s important to have a back-up date just in case the weather changes and makes a mess of your plans. As for location, make sure to pick one that can handle the number of people you plan to invite.

Some of the other areas to focus on for the team include the following.

Theme. A back to school festival is a good choice for the fall. It can function both as way for the kids to take a break from studies and enjoy themselves as well as a fundraiser for the school. The festival also could be built around holidays such as Halloween or Thanksgiving. Whatever theme you decide on, everything will flow from that choice, including decorations and food.

Decorations and Food. Once a theme is selected, you can begin to look into the type of decorations you need. This also affects food, such as serving pumpkin pie at Halloween or turkey for around Thanksgiving. The key thing to remember is that huge cost-savings can be achieved by tapping into the skills of those involved with the planning. If someone is a whiz with cooking or decoration, now is the time to utilize those skills.

Cost. From the start, you will want to set a budget and stick with it. Like any large event, costs can quickly get out of control, so it’s important to have a person in charge of how much is spent and on what.

Entertainment Options

To get the most for your dollar, a good option is to look at a party rental company that has experience with large parties. Not only can they provide you with rentals that will entertain kids and adults alike, but they also can help with the planning.

Here are some of the options, taken from the Fun Crew USA website.

Concessions. There are many options available, from popcorn and cotton candy machines to carnival games that you would typically find on the State Fair midway.

Slides. From giant slides that allow people to race one another to water slides that twist and turn the riders through tunnels, there is a slide for just about everyone. There are also of course smaller slides for the kids.

Thrill rides. Did you know you can rent a Ferris Wheel? You can. You can also get rock climbing walls for all skill levels, a stunt dive platform, a mechanical bull and even a new attraction – the Zorb Track – that allows competitors to race while inside a giant wheel.

Those are just some of the options. But once you get the location, date, theme, decorations and food down, these type of party options can elevate your fall festival into something that everyone will remember.

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  • Tiffany Locke says:

    Finding the right kind of concession for your event seems like it would be an excellent way to keep your guests happy. Whether you choose cotton candy, popcorn, or another type of concession it seems like a good way to have a successful event. I love cotton candy, and it always makes me happy when I see a stand with it at an event.

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