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7 Company Party Game Rentals That People Will Love

By January 19, 2021February 9th, 2021Resources
7 Company Party Game Rentals That People Will Love | Employee Party

For event planners who want to throw a company party that employees actually enjoy, it’s necessary to look beyond the usual. Even for employees who have seen and done it all, these company party game rentals will give them something to talk about for months (and years) to come.

Offering this type of entertainment typically requires partnering with a professional entertainment company that specializes in event management and custom party planning. Having a professional who can offer advice and support makes putting on a party that much easier.

Corporate Event Planning Help

Some of the Best Company Party Games

Every company party is different. Planners pick a theme that they want all the decorations and entertainment to match. However, these company party game rentals typically work in almost any circumstance.

Carnival Games

Save an area of the party to put up some carnival games that people can play individually or in one-on-one competition. The games available today range from classic midway games such as darts and ring ross to electronic games and even radio-controlled race cars.

Challenging Electronic Games

Giant Games

Human Foosball Rental

Many of the classic games everyone enjoys can now get played at a company party game because, well,

they’re gigantic! You can rent giant versions of Jenga, Jacks, Dominoes and Checkers. For larger groups there’s the Human Foosball rental that’s definitely unlike anything your guests have seen!

Entertainment for Kids

If you’re throwing a company party where employees can bring their kids, then it’s absolutely imperative to give the kids somewhere fun to play. Otherwise, the adults will spend the party running around after kids! Set up a “kiddie corner” area and offer something the kids will love, including inflatable slides and bounce houses.

Challenging Entertainment

This type of entertainment often becomes the centerpiece at a company party because it’s not only fun to do, but fun to watch. This includes mechanical bull rides and inflatable jousting arenas, slam dunk competitions, football toss competitions, rock wall climbing and the classic Jacob’s Ladder. Another option is to set up a Zorb Track and let people race each other while inside a plastic ball (that’s also completely soft and safe).

Obstacle Courses (Wet or Dry)

Rent Leap of Faith Challenge

Give Them Thrills

You now can bring thrill rides to your company party. Give your guests something special to enjoy like a bungee jump, skateboard or snowboard simulator, or mobile zip line. You can even offer more traditional carnival rides where people simply get in and enjoy the fun, including a gyrosphere that simulates zero gravity, a teacup ride and even a ride on a Viking ship.

Team Games

If you want to build up some team spirit among employees, offer them one of the many giant, complex obstacle course rentals that they can take on in teams. You also can rent a laser tag game that offers a multi-room maze built into a giant inflatable. That’s a team-building exercise they won’t get back at the office!

A Little Extra Something

Why not add a giant, inflatable couch and an inflatable screen to the party where you can show videos? Or provide rides to and from the parking area on a trackless train? Or provide a Ferris Wheel that’s going to make the party look that much more special, especially at night? None of these are games, but all of them add extra spice to a big event.

Company party game rentals can make a company party less like the snoozefest of old and more like something employees actually look forward to attending. It’s a way of providing them something special, and letting them know how much they are appreciated.

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