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Can You Rent an Arcade Machine?

By October 12, 2020October 23rd, 2020Resources
Can You Rent an Arcade Machine? | Large Electronic Game Rental

To plan a corporate event, you need entertainment that will attract and hold the attention of large crowds. Fortunately, party planners enjoy more options than ever in this important area, including renting an arcade machine and other crowd-magnet electronic games.

Planning a successful corporate event or trade show booth requires the right combination of logistics, presentation, marketing and social engagement – to name a few. Entertainment also plays a critical role.

Entertainment serves a function beyond providing excitement and fun. The more people at your event engage with entertainment and each other, the more likely they are to forge strong, positive relationships that have a positive impact on office productivity and culture – and in the case of a trade show, your brand.

Challenging Electronic Games

Entertainment Options For Corporate Events

The first step in offering strong entertainment for your event is to work with entertainment professionals who can give you guidance on what works best in your specific situation. But to get the ideas flowing, here are some options that can work on the expo floor or at larger corporate events.

Casino Tables

A casino theme has been popular at corporate events for many years, and for good reason. The combination of competing and having a little money involved is a lot fun. Many companies will make their own chips for the game, branded with their logo, that can be used to purchase rewards.

Carnival Electronic Games

Carnival-style games can work both in small and large groups. Some of the choices include the following. Here we will focus on renting an arcade machine that can fit into smaller spaces, but draw big crowds.

The Vault. This game requires players to crack a code to win. It comes with a variety of difficulty settings. No matter the level, it’s sure to draw a crowd to see who can decipher the code.

Top Doc. This one is a lot like a board game you may remember. And it’s just as much fun.

Playback. This memory game is another one that requires quick thinking and good memory – and it’s sure to attract people who love a challenge.

Chaos. This one provides the chance for head-to-head competition for four players to play at once, trying to hit the lights that correspond with their team colors.

Live Drive RC Racing

This RC racing game allows players to control cars on an inflatable track using HD video goggles and steering controls. It also allows for crowds to watch the race from the side, giving them an amazing view as two RC cars blaze toward the finish line. This sort of high-quality, unique game is perfect for a corporate event where you want to give them something they’ve never seen before.

Check Out The "FPV" RC Racing Game!

Inflatable Games

Obstacles courses, slides, jousting arenas, mechanical bulls – you name it, it comes in an inflatable version. If engagement is what you want, you will get it with these attractions that allow participants to interact in a fun way with each other and with challenging games.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms continue to be popular, and they are great for corporate events where employees are the guests. Escape rooms promote bonding and team building as people work together to come up with the solution to escape.

Live Music

This has been around as long as conferences have been around, but they still work great if you can book a well-known act. Many bands that had their most popular years in the past still draw huge crowds at corporate events. Who doesn’t want a free concert as part of a conference?

These ideas can help boost your corporate event or expo exhibit to the next level. If you decide to rent an arcade machine, you will provide your audience with something that is easy to play but hard to master – and a lot of fun.

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