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Can You Rent An Obstacle Course For a Company Party in Florida?

By June 30, 2021July 14th, 2021Resources
Can You Rent An Obstacle Course For a Company Party in Florida?

Putting together an exciting company party is no small feat. You’ve got hundreds of people to please and a limited budget to do it with. But there’s one classic entertainment option almost guaranteed to become a hit at the company party: an obstacle course.

Fortunately, businesses have a wide selection of obstacle courses available that they can rent from entertainment specialists for the next big company party in Florida.

Having an obstacle course for a company party in Florida gives you an opportunity to bring employees together to enjoy themselves – and get to know each other better – outside of a work setting. And because you have so many obstacle course rental options, it’s easy to find an obstacle course that works best for your situation.

Obstacle Courses (Wet or Dry)

Reasons to Have an Obstacle Course at a Company Party

Before deciding on the kind of obstacle course you want for your party, it’s good to have a solid list of reasons why you want to do it in the first place. The reasons to have an obstacle course for your next company party in Florida include the following.

Gives Employees Something Fun To Do

These days, people want action and something to do at a company party. That’s a big step forward from when office parties featured standing around the punch bowl or watching the antics of the person who spiked the punch bowl. Obstacle courses combine an athletic challenge with friendly competition. It’s perfect for co-workers getting together to have fun.

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Serves As An Icebreaker

Bob from accounting may not know Margaret from sales, but that will change after they race each other through the Nuclear Obstacle Challenge. Standing around invites long, awkward silences between people who don’t know each other well. Running an obstacle course invites conversation before and respect afterward. Not to mention comparing notes when it’s done about the hardest parts to get through.

Builds Teamwork

Obstacle courses lend themselves to use in relay races where each member of a team goes through the obstacle. Relay races are fun in every case, but an obstacle course just makes them that much better. People also will come together to strategize and come up with a plan to beat the other team.

Offers Fun For Kids

Every company party needs a kid’s fun zone, and an obstacle course serves as an excellent centerpiece in such an area. That’s a great benefit to employees who decided to bring their kids to the company party. Otherwise, they either must try to entertain a bored kid (not fun) or chase them around the party (even less fun).

Exciting Midway Games

Meets Your Company Needs

Fun Crew USA offers a wide variety of obstacle courses that make it easier to find the right one to fit the area you have planned for your party. The variety is amazing, from 120-foot long giant courses to new types of courses that combine mechanical elements within the course (such as the Dizzy X).  Simply contact the Fun Crew team, tell them what you need and the space available, and allow them to guide you to the options that will work best in your situation.

Company parties no longer have to be boring. And with the addition of fun entertainment like an obstacle course for a company party, business leaders can show that they value their employees enough to throw them a party that they will long remember.

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