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Can I Rent a Rock Wall?

By August 29, 2022Resources
Can I Rent a Rock Wall? | Climbing Wall Rentals in The Southeast

Rock walls are a great attraction at any event. From family parties and birthdays to community galas and fairs, you can entertain your guests and amp up the atmosphere with climbing walls. At Fun Crew USA, we make it easy to create unforgettable events with rock wall rentals, including:

Original Rock Wall

A portable rock wall with challenges for both new and experienced climbers, the Original Rock Wall adds fun and excitement wherever it goes! Completely portable, this classic rock wall can be used in a variety of locations with flexible rock wall rental options.

Rock Wall – 2-Bungee Combo

Combining a classic Rock Wall with two bungee trampolines, our Rock Wall – 2-Bungee Combo has everything your party guests could want – and more! Scale the climbing wall and celebrate your victory by ringing the bell at the top before practicing flips, tricks and jumps up to 25 feet in the air on bungee trampolines.

Face to face Climbing Race

If you want to give your event a competitive edge, our 20-foot Face-to-Face Climbing Race is the ultimate rental. Two climbers will battle it out in a race to the top, with a transparent climbing surface giving them a clear view of each other as they test their mettle. An LED timer displays the winning time, along with LED strip lights to signify who the winner is.

Coconut Palm Tree Climb

Give your event a tropical feel with the spectacular Coconut Palm Tree Climb. Featuring three ‘coconut trees’ with handholds at every two feet, challengers can race each other to the top or battle it out against the clock. As well as providing guests with fun and excitement, the Coconut Palm Tree Climb rental is also a spectacular addition to your event design. With green lights in the treetops and red lights on the tree trunks, the Coconut Palm Tree Climb looks effortlessly stylish and fun at any time of the day or night.

North Pole Climbing Tower

For festive-themed events, the North Pole Climbing Tower is the ideal attraction. Reaching 25-feet into the air, three North Pole replicas give climbers the opportunity to embrace their inner elf and rise to the top! Helpful handholds are placed at regular intervals to ensure the North Pole Climbing Tower rental is great fun for all ages.

Leap of Faith

If you want to challenge your guests and get their adrenaline rising, the Leap of Faith Climbing Wall Challenge is exactly what you’re looking for. Featuring three different climbing options, guests can race to the top via a network of pipes, swerving inclines or pitch themselves through the air on to a bag suspended high above the ground!

Rent a Rock Climbing Wall Now

Whatever type of event you’re planning, you can be confident that a climbing wall rental will impress your guests and add to the excitement. With safety harnesses and equipment included with every rental, Fun Crew USA makes it easy to enhance your event with action-packed activities.

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