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Campus Carnivals for College Students

By November 5, 2021January 5th, 2022Resources
Campus Carnivals for College Students | College Event Planning Tips

Almost everyone went to a carnival at some point as a kid. From traveling carnivals in urban parking lots to that section of the state fair everyone wants to hang out in, carnivals remain a happy memory no matter where you come from. That’s why carnivals for college students have become popular.

Trying to hold a college event that shows students something new is difficult – at this point, they’ve seen it all. But giving them a campus carnival offers a way to entertain them by repackaging something from their youth.

Highlights From Carnivals for College Students

Like the carnivals of their youth, a campus carnival for college students needs to give them music, food, games and cool rides.

Games on the Midway

Every good carnival starts with a great midway. That’s where kids will find all kinds of carnival games to play, from the classic carnival game trailer rentals to modern LED and electronic game rentals. Walking down the midway, event goers will find plenty of challenges to take on – and win a prize, of course.

Modern party rentals also give them a chance to try something new, like riding a mechanical bull or a snowboard simulator.

Thrills Rides

Every good carnival has a section on one end of the midway that acts like a magnet for party goers. It’s the end where one cool ride lines up after another, giving every kid a chance to test their nerve and skill.

At a campus carnival for college students, they can expect a wide variety of choices as they make their way to the fun end of the midway. They can choose a ride like the mobile zip line, the Wind-Up or the Cyclone Swing. Or they can race their friends through a giant, inflatable obstacle course that’s a lot more elaborate than the ones they might remember from elementary school birthday parties. Or they can see if they have what it takes to conquer the Big Baller.

Music and Food

You can set up stages for live music or blast popular tracks throughout the event, but good music necessary because it sets the tone. So does good food. College party goers can choose from food trucks, food tents offering goodies from local vendors, and even fair food like freshly made popcorn. They might even get a Frosted Cookie Creation to mark the event.

Adding Something Extra

Thanks to the choices event planners have now, college students also will get the chance to have fun with some unique entertainment.

If it’s done right, a carnival for college students can revive some great memories and also create new ones. With all the options available, it can turn the usual campus party into something special.

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