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Central Florida Spring School Fair Planning

By January 23, 2018Resources
Central Florida Spring School Fair Planning

In many places in Central Florida, the Spring school fair has become a much-anticipated annual event.

Parents and children look forward to the fun and great memories a school fair creates. For schools, it’s a great way to raise funds for needed programs. It also is a flexible, scalable event – it can be as big or small as event planners want.

School Fair Planning

Planning a school fair or carnival has never been easier. Party rental companies, such as Fun Crew USA in Orlando, offer just the kind of entertainment options that party planners need to create a school carnival everyone will enjoy and remember.

Here are some tips for putting a fair together.


Before spending the first dollar, organizers need to sit down and plan out every aspect of the event in detail. That includes picking a theme, setting a goal for how much money you hope to make and creating a budget. It’s also helpful to attend other fairs and pick up ideas for your own.


No one person can pull off something this big. Or even two or three people. It’s important to delegate responsibilities in each area to different individuals, with one or two people overseeing everything. Those areas can include entertainment, food, music and games.

Simple Is Best

It’s best to go with entertainment that doesn’t require party planners to engage in an elaborate set up. A smart option is going with a company such as Fun Crew USA, which has a handy guide to all the entertainment options and will work with you to pick out the best choices for your party. They also will help with any safety and set up issues.

Plan For The Audience

A college event will require a different approach than a high school fair, and both differ from elementary school fairs. Take the time to plan out events, games and party entertainment that will appeal to your specific crowd.

Community Involvement

Local restaurants and retail stories might have interest in both sponsoring your school fair and providing food, booths and other resources. When delegating, get one or two people to reach out to local businesses and find sponsors for your party.

Test Everything

This is one of the fun parts! Make sure to test all the games, inflatables and any of your other party rentals to make sure everything is working properly. Many people forget this step, but it’s an important one. Plus, it’s fun!

Alternate Plans

It’s Central Florida, which means the weather could change its mind before you reach the end of this paragraph. Don’t make the mistake of not having a back-up plan. The minute you think you don’t need one is the minute the weather changes on you!

Have Fun!

School fairs can be an important source of money for a school, especially extracurricular activities. But more importantly, it’s a chance for kids and their parents to have a wonderful time and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Follow these tips and create a school fair everyone will remember. But most importantly, enjoy this special time with friends and family.

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