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Tips For Putting On a Successful Corporate Event

By February 7, 2021February 25th, 2021Resources
Tips For Putting On a Successful Corporate Event | Promotional Parties

If you’re getting ready to host a large corporate event, you can make things easier and the event better by keeping in mind certain tips. Tips for holding a successful corporate event include picking a great location, getting the proper permits and insurance, taking the right safety precautions, and hiring a reliable partner to provide entertainment and planning services.

Event Management Checklist

The Shaq Bowl that happened as part of the Super Bowl LV festivities in Tampa provided a great example of event management done right. NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal hosted the three-hour, pre-game event, which he started to liven up what he called “boring” pre-game shows.

Surfs Up Challenge

Presented by Mercari, the show was co-hosted by Terrell Owens and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. It featured celebrity competitions, musical performances, and football analysis. One competition featured the Surf Simulator from Fun Crew USA, which was one of the highlights of the competition between teams representing Kansas City and Tampa Bay.

Surf Simulator Rental

Even Owens took a ride, as you can see in the video. It was all part of a successful corporate event that gave Super Bowl fans something different to watch.

Putting on a Great Event

Planning a complicated event like Shaq Bowl starts with working with companies that can bring in great entertainment and help with corporate event management.

“When planning commercial events, it is most important to make sure you have a reliable trustworthy vendor,” said Tony Liberti, owner of Fun Crew USA. “One that can accommodate all lines of insurance to include not just general liability, but both vehicle and workers comp insurance as well for their employees.”

Some of the tips for holding a successful corporate event include the following.

Pick the Right Location

As with real estate, everything with a successful corporate event hinges on location, location, location! For most businesses, the first question is whether there is a good place to hold the party on the corporate campus. If not, the search begins for a location with enough space for party entertainment, proper access to utilities, and adequate parking. It’s also important to determine whether you need permission ahead of time to do things such as dig on the property to properly anchor rentals.

Permits and Insurance

Most locations will require some type of permitting to hold the event. Make sure to check with the local city or county government to find out what kind of permitting you will need. You will always need insurance. Any vendor or supplier hired for a party must carry:

  • General liability insurance. This covers injuries on the property from equipment rented
  • Vehicle liability insurance. This covers injuries or damages done to the property when installing or running an event with a vehicle.
  • Worker’s compensation insurance. This covers injuries sustained by employees while working on your jobsite.

Vendors should also carry a Waiver of Subrogation or Transfer of Rights. This keeps insurance claims from falling back onto the company.

Safety Precautions

Liberti noted that it’s more important than ever for event management companies to have services that include cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting rentals for safe use.

“The equipment should be maintained and inspections paperwork be readily available with a manual for any safety coordinators to review,” Liberti said, He then added, “We here at Fun Crew pride ourselves on having superior equipment!”

Some equipment may also require inspection by local authorities. A professional event management company can also provide guidance on properly spacing rides and grouping certain entertainment together. They also can advise you on the type of fire extinguisher you will need.

How Fun Crew USA Keeps Customers Safe

Hire Reliable Professionals

Fun Crew USA has been managing events and supplying fun rentals, as they did with the Shaq Bowl, for many years. The company’s leaders have expertise in how to develop and manage a successful corporate event. They seek to cultivate practices that lead to a successful client relationship. That includes:

  • Owning, storing and maintain all their own equipment
  • Keeping maintenance records for each rental
  • Providing referrals from past events
  • Working with clients to realize the goals for their event
  • Experience working with different types of parties
  • Support in setting up and operating rides correctly

Keeping these tips in mind can you help you plan and execute a successful corporate event. Like the Shaq Bowl, you can provide your guests something fun and memorable – a party they will talk about for a long time to come!

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