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How to Throw an Out of This World Space Themed Party

By January 9, 2024February 9th, 2024Resources
Space Themed Party

Space captures our imaginations because it’s a reminder that anything is possible. And when it comes to throwing space themed parties, the possibilities are endless. All you have to do is… planet! Here are some galactically great ideas for your space themed party or event.

Amp Up Your Decor with Glow Furniture and Accessories

When you imagine space, you often think of dark skies and glowing stars. Bring that vibe into your party with glow furniture rentals.

Your space will literally glow like the cosmos and your guests will be taking selfies all over the place. You could even buy some glow jewelry as a gift for your guests!

There are also plenty of spacey decorations available to help set the tone. Even your food table can use intergalactic themed plates and metallic or glowing utensils.

Create a Space Themed Menu

When planning your space themed menu, the sky’s the limit! Onion rings become Saturn’s rings. Fruit on skewers can be cut into simple shapes to make a rocketship. Star fruit can simply be sliced into its perfectly on-theme shape and enjoyed as-is!

You can buy candy that fits the space theme, like Milky Way, Mars bars, and Pop Rocks. And if you’re having a cotton candy machine, you can even make the confection appear to glow with a cotton candy glo cone!

No matter what you want to serve, you can either incorporate space in the name or in the plating to keep it on theme.

Rent Space Themed Rides

To really rock your guests worlds at your party, rent some rides. Not only are rides super fun for guests of all ages, but there are also a ton of options that will fit perfectly within your theme.

Guests can get a feel for how astronauts feel when they’re weightless in space with a gyrosphere rental. They’ll love it even more when you rent a 4 spin gyrosphere because four of your guests can ride at once!

If you want a social media moment or simply to make your guests laugh as they have a little friendly competition, a mechanical rocket rental will be the star of the party. It’s like a mechanical bull ride but with a rocket instead. Think you can set the out-of-this world record?

Inflatables and bounce houses are also a fun idea for a space party, especially if there will be children. Kids love to blast off in a bounce house!

Enjoy Space Themed Games

Much like your menu, party games can easily be adapted to fit a space theme. A ring toss can be Saturn’s ring toss. A scavenger hunt can be a solar system scavenger hunt.

Or you could rent carnival games with a space twist. Either adapt classic games and play with their names to keep the theme, or simply rent a game that’s already on theme like the Shooting Star carnival game.

Using these tips and some vendors to take care of the rentals, your guests will be over the moon and you will be able to sit back and enjoy the fun along with them!

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