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Can I Rent Inflatables for Corporate Events in Florida?

By March 5, 2022May 5th, 2022Resources
Can I Rent Inflatables for Corporate Events in Florida? | Company Fun

Party planners looking to rent inflatables for corporate events have plenty of fantastic choices. They include water slides, obstacle courses and incredible games. They all have the ability to help employees and their families better enjoy a big company party or event.

They also work with every type of corporate event. Inflatables that call for working together can build stronger teamwork skills at company retreats. A summer event for employees and their families can have an amusement park atmosphere. Inflatables at holiday parties serve as icebreakers, giving employees a chance to know each other in a non-office setting.

Fun Crew USA provides inflatables and other entertainment rentals – as well as professional event management and party planning services – for companies in Florida and across the Southeast.

Why Use Inflatables at Corporate Events?

From large corporations to smaller businesses, employees spend the majority of their time focusing on work. A company party or event offers business leaders the chance to show appreciation for all the hard work employees do. Company events also go a long way toward retaining people because they feel more valued.

When a company decides to rent Inflatables for corporate events in Florida, they are taking that level of appreciation to another level. These rentals also help businesses achieve the basic goals of a good company party, which include the following.

Give people something to do. Standing around and talking is fine for a short time, but you want to engage party guests with entertainment.

Entertain the families. If it’s a holiday party or other event where families are invited, inflatables become a critical component of a successful company party.

Create a memory. The best parties in Florida create a memory that employees will keep with them for a long time to come, improving their positive feelings about the company.

A party centerpiece. Every good corporate event needs a “centerpiece” attraction or series of attractions. Inflatables are excellent in this regard.

Types of Inflatables to Rent

The best option is to simply go through all the options. It’s a long list that keeps growing every year. Some of the current standouts include a giant alligator slide, haunted mansion and a Double Lane Tiki Slide. But it’s an understatement to say that is just scratching the surface. Some of the types of inflatable rentals include the following.

Slides. Companies can rent water slides, dry slides and slides that work both with and without water. They also can choose from slides with incredible designs that range from a giant wave to an alpine ski lodge. The choices in this category will please corporate event guests of all ages.

Inflatable Slides (Wet or Dry)

Dunk tank. If it’s warm weather, and managers are up to getting wet, then placing them in a dunk tank and letting employees fire away is a sure crowd pleaser.

Obstacle courses. This is a category that has to be seen to be believed. Obstacle courses are more elaborate and challenging than ever. They offer the perfect way to foster some team-building between employees outside of the structured work environment. Plus, it’s fun to work together and try to win.

Bounce houses. In case the party guest list includes small children of employees.

Inflatable games. Get the competitive juices flowing with games that feature an inflatable arena, including Patriot Games, Big Baller, Gladiator Joust and Surf Simulator.

And those are just the inflatables. Corporate party planners also can choose to offer their guests thrill rides as well as carnival games and concessions.

The ability to rent inflatables for corporate events in Florida makes it easier for party planners to provide entertainment that engages employees and their families in many different ways. They help companies show their appreciation for the people who work every day to make the organization a success.

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