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Can You Rent a Rocket Ship Ride?

By March 3, 2024April 3rd, 2024Resources
Rent a Rocket Ship Ride

Yes, you can rent a rocket ship ride. And it’s as cool as it sounds. The rocket ship ride, built on the same platform that is used for mechanical bulls, is the perfect addition to a space-themed party. It’s readily available as an amusement attraction rental.

Fun Crew USA offers a Mechanical Rocket Ship Ride as one of the many cool mechanical bull ride attachments that are perfect for a wide variety of party themes, including Halloween parties. They’re designed to work with people of all skill levels, making them a great choice for all types of parties.

The Rocket Ship Ride Attraction

So, what do you get when you rent a rocket ship ride? You get the chance to send your party guests on an unparalleled journey through the cosmos with a futuristic amusement attraction. It operates just like a mechanical bull, but it certainly does not look like one.

Equipped with a 10-speed manual control joystick, this rocket ship ride console empowers you to take charge of your thrilling voyage. Feeling adventurous? Select from six pre-set automatic competition levels, crafted to push even the boldest riders to their limits.

One of coolest features of the rocket ship ride is its LED digital time clocks, perfectly synchronized with the automatic program. These clocks prominently display the current time achieved, ensuring both operator and rider can monitor the duration of their ride. Kids will have a blast as they look to beat their previous record and navigate through hair-raising twists and turns. It’s also the perfect partner for pairing with other spaced-themed attractions.

Not everyone is going to want to push themselves or seek to set a new time record. For those who want a gentler experience, the control console includes a convenient switch to temporarily disable the spinning element of the ride. This addition ensures riders of all comfort levels can enjoy this out-of-this-world attraction.

For comfort and safety, the rocket ship ride comes with a galaxy-themed inflatable cushion that cradles the rider.

The Thrill of Mechanical Bull Attachments

Whether you’re a devoted space enthusiast seeking an otherworldly adventure or simply craving an adrenaline-fueled thrill ride, the Mechanical Rocket Ship Ride is a great choice. In fact, mechanical bulls in general are great fun – especially given that you don’t always have to ride a bull! You can pick attachments with a variety of designs that make them the perfect choice for different kinds of parties.

For example, the Mechanical Spider is a creepy cool addition to a Halloween-themed party, giving riders the chance to tame a large, black-and-red spider with red eyes and big fangs! The Mechanical Pumpkin, another Halloween-themed treat, offers a thrilling ride as people try to figure out how to stay atop a rocking and rolling Jack O’Lantern.

For party planners, the Mechanical Rocket Ship Ride is a cosmic treat for the space-loving party guests at your next Galaxy Quest party. Other mechanical bull rides – including the still-awesome original – can elevate your party for different themes. It’s good to have quality options!

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