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Can You Rent a Ferris Wheel in Florida and Southeastern US?

By October 22, 2022December 22nd, 2022Resources
Can You Rent a Ferris Wheel in Florida and Southeastern US?

Yes, you can rent a Ferris wheel in Florida and Southeastern US. Ferris wheels are a popular choice for large-scale events like college graduations, business parties, and hotel companies on special occasions like weddings. Whatever the reason, there are a number of ways to safely and conveniently rent a Ferris wheel in Florida and other Southern States, and this guide explains exactly what to look for and how to do it.

Finding a Reliable Company to Rent From

The first thing on your to-do list after deciding on a Ferris wheel will be the main attraction at your B2B event or similar is to find a reliable company to rent it from. Safety is a key concern, alongside rental prices and availability. An established company will be able to talk you through the process, explain how much space is needed and provide a member of staff to help run the attraction. It is in their best interests to have proper insurance and safety protocols in place so the guests can get the maximum enjoyment factor from the asset too. Make sure you ask the following questions.

  • What is the cancellation policy?
  • When does the wheel need to be delivered?
  • What is the price including setup fees for the duration of the event?
  • How much space does it need?
  • What is the capacity/how many people can take part in the wheel on the day?
  • How long does one ride around last?

Picking an Appropriate Venue

Thankfully, many Southeastern US states like Florida, Texas, Missouri, and South Carolina are filled with beauty spots with spacious greenery. This will work to your advantage when seeking out the perfect venue. A Ferris wheel, aside from the mechanism itself, requires a lot of space to set up and run efficiently. There will be a queue of people to consider plus the safety zones for entry and exit too. Communicate with the attraction provider to ensure that your proposed venue spot will work for both them and you, and don’t forget to run it past the venue first!

Book it In Advance

Ferris wheels are more of a common attraction than you think for corporate events and even weddings or big parties. Therefore, to avoid disappointment and make sure that everything you dream of comes true, start your search at least three months (preferably more) prior to the big day itself. As soon as the event date is secured is the best time to start booking in suppliers.

Let the Other Suppliers Know Too

The Ferris wheel will arguably be the biggest attraction, so make sure all your other suppliers know that it will be there as well and what ground will be left for their stalls. This is more of a matter of common courtesy than necessity, but it will establish a better level of trust and service if you are upfront about what the day will hold.

So, yes, you can indeed hire a Ferris wheel for your event in Florida and most of the Southeast of America as well. Make sure you pick a reliable company and plan well ahead!

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