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Can You Rent A Carnival?

By November 15, 2018September 9th, 2022Resources
Can You Rent A Carnival? | Midway Game Rentals | Carnival Ideas

You can create your own carnival for a neighborhood party, school fundraiser or church event. Rental companies have made it easy for you to rent a carnival with games, concessions, and rides at your next big get-together. Both the choices and quality have increased in the past few years.

How to Rent a Carnival

The following offers a more detailed look at some of the items you can rent, including the latest in cool carnival rides.

Can You Rent Game Trailers?

Carnival Midway Game Rentals

You can’t have a carnival party without having the kind of games you find on the midway. These include old-fashioned carnival games that have never gone out of style, even though your grandparents used to play them down at the county fair.

Some examples include:

  • Pick Up Sticks
  • Bucket Drop
  • Wiffle Ball
  • Duck Pond
  • Hi Striker Bell Ringer
  • Token Pitch
  • Skee Roll
  • Spill the Milk
  • Milk Can Toss
  • Darts
  • Ring Toss

That’s just the start. There are more than 80 games you can easily rent for your party, all of them perfect for a midway.

For example, you can get giant everything: Jenga, Dominoes, Jacks, Chess, Checkers, and even Inflatable Snooker. Also, there are cool attractions that aren’t games but add to the midway flavor.

These include the Magic Mirror, a selfie station that allows guests to take an individualized picture to remember the event. Or, you can get a dunk tank, another carnival staple.

Carnival Concession Rentals

If you think of carnivals, you probably think of cotton candy, popcorn, and hotdogs. Yes, you can rent every one of those. You also can get Snow Cone and Frozen Drink machines.

One of the issues in throwing your own backyard or neighborhood block carnival is getting the kind of tents you usually see on the midway. Entertainment companies have you covered there, too.

You can get an inflatable concession tent or the old-fashioned, red-and-white striped tents. There are also tables and chairs available. You can even get a cart to carry around your cotton candy machine.

Carnival Ride Rentals

This is another area where the quality has skyrocketed as more people have become interested in party rentals. Just a few of the many examples:

  • Live Drive RC Racing. Racers use high-definition video goggles to see the view from a camera mounted in a model car that they can race on an inflatable track.
  • Cyclone Swing and Ferris Wheel. Two mainstays of the midway are available on the list of extreme attraction rentals.
  • The Hammerhead Shark Ride. It’s sort of like a mechanical bull, but a shark instead. It looks as cool as it sounds. But if your taste runs more toward bulls, you can get that, too. Or a reindeer, wild boar or alligator.

And that’s just a small sample. There are more than 40 extreme attraction rentals. You can even get a giant, inflatable couch for people to relax on.

So, yes, you can rent your own carnival. In fact, it’s never been easier. Look through the options and find what best suits your carnival needs.


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