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Game On Wheels: Unleashing Fun with Mobile Game Trailers

By December 3, 2023January 3rd, 2024Resources
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Everyone loves games. From family game nights and arcades to carnival games at a fair or theme park, a little friendly competition is always a good idea. So when you’re organizing an event, renting mobile game trailers is an absolute must.

Why Mobile Game Trailers are a Must for Events

When you rent midway games for your corporate event or festival, it sets up an ambiance of fun from the minute guests enter the event. The mobile game trailers are easy to set up in any sort of location and can really set the tone for an event.

Games can fit into any event theme and can work as a complement to existing attractions or as the star of the show. Plus, all ages can enjoy these games, so they work for kid-friendly fun or adults only events.

Including prizes for the winners is the icing on the cake. Not only do people love to win a little something, but the incentive also keeps the players coming back when they don’t win. In other words, for the party planners, including prizes is a win-win!

Here are some of the fun games you can rent for your next incredible event:

Bowler Roller

Anyone can learn to play Bowler Roller, as the concept is simple: roll the ball on the track. While it’s easy to understand, it can take some practice to master the game. So don’t be surprised if your guests want to play again and again!

Thankfully, this game has 12 lanes so large groups can compete together. Winning is even sweeter when you have to defeat 11 people to claim the prize!

Derby Races

Derby Races is an exciting game that combines aspects of roller ball with a race. It’s fast-paced and addictive to play, especially when you’re chasing a win!

Plus, this game has 14 lanes, so it’s perfect for big groups. With all the players vying for the title, crowds often gather around Derby Races to watch the action and cheer for their friends as they compete.

3 n 1 Game Trailer

If you want extra bang for your rental’s buck, the 3 n 1 Game Trailer is the ideal choice. It combines three fun games in one amazing rental.

There’s a six-player water race game where contestants squirt water at a target to win. There is a short-range basketball shooting game that’s all about making a shot. Last, there is a goblet toss game. It’s so much fun in one game rental!

Hoop Shots

Hoop Shots is a massive game trailer, because it boasts four basketball hoops ready for action. There is a ton of room for the shooters to play and also space to display the prizes people will win if they make a shot.

Anyone who has played Hoop Shots knows the frustrating feeling when you just miss a shot and immediately need to try again. Get ready for competitors to play over and over!

Renting mobile game trailers for your next event will surely unleash the fun for all of your guests!

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