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Ideas On Organizing a Memorial Day Event

By May 18, 2019May 28th, 2019Resources
Ideas On Organizing a Memorial Day Event | Community Event Planning

Memorial Day still signals the start of summer, even if the school year isn’t quite finished for most kids. Many cities and organizations hold large Memorial Day events to commemorate the heroes who died while serving our country as well to gather the community together as the vacation months begin.

Memorial Day caps a three-day weekend, so a Memorial Day event can run for three days rather than just one. Whatever the case, it’s the perfect time for a community event.

History of Memorial Day

Memorial Day was created to remember those who lost their lives serving in the U.S. military. The day is always celebrated on the last Monday in May. It actually started in the years following the Civil War but did not become an official holiday until 1971.

The first events happened in the late 1860s. Years later after the end of the Civil War in 1965, towns in both the North and South set aside a day to recite prayers and place flowers on the graves of those who died in the war.

The day often features parades, especially in larger cities. While the tradition of honoring fallen soldiers continues, Memorial Day events also have become a time for barbecues, family get-togethers and community celebrations to enjoy the final days of spring and look forward to summer.

Ideas for Memorial Day Events

The following are some ideas for those who are organizing larger Memorial Day events, such as those held by a town, organization or a neighborhood. These community events require some planning and forethought to go as planned.

Set Goals

It’s hard to plan a community event if you don’t know what you want to accomplish! In some cases, it’s simple to get as many people to the event as possible. So, the goal might be a crowd size number. However, some Memorial Day events also serve as an opportunity to raise money for a local charity or civic organization, so the goal could be a dollar figure. Whatever the case, a solid goal can help as you work through the details of planning the event.


This should be picked early. You want a location that can safely hold the number of people you hope will attend, as well as provide adequate parking and convenient access. You also need to consider locations where people of all races, ethnicities and religions will feel comfortable. Depending on the size of the event, a park, community center or renting out a private business could make sense.


You’re going to need quite a few of these, depending on the size of the event. You will need volunteers with energy and enthusiasm to make things run well. Some of the jobs that are usually handled by volunteers include the following:

  • Publicity
  • Setting the event up
  • Working at the event
  • Taking the event down
  • Photography

Getting the Word Out

There are many ways to get this done. They include old-fashioned flyers posted in the windows of local businesses, which is still a wonderful way to reach people. Social media is a wonderful way to reach people. If you have the budget, then paid advertising can also be a good idea. You can also place information in:

  • Local newsletters
  • Local event websites
  • Emails
  • A website created specifically for the event
  • Community event calendars
  • Local church bulletins

Food and Fun

There are many options for food and fun at a Memorial Day event. There are also many rentals available for community events, such as thrill rides, inflatable slides, and carnival games.

Memorial Day events are a perfect time for a community to come together. Keep these tips in mind as you plan for the event in your community and take advantage of the many Memorial Day party rentals you have available.

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