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Battle Royale: Inflatable Laser Tag for Corporate Team Building

By December 11, 2023January 3rd, 2024Resources
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Corporate team building does not have to be boring! Get your team pumped up and working together with an inflatable laser tag battle royale. After a day of bonding through laser tag, your employees will be begging for the next corporate retreat.

Here are some reasons why inflatable laser tag is the ideal choice for corporate team building events.

Inflatable Laser Tag Encourages Teamwork

Corporate team building events are meant to be fun and help your team practice working together in a new, exciting way. Laser tag achieves both of those things with ease!

As your team competes in the inflatable laser tag arena, they will have to work together to make a plan, protect each other and seek out the best way to get to the opposing team. It’s the ultimate team building event, because it manages to work on those skills in an engaging way.

Inflatable Laser Tag is an Immersive Experience

When your team sets their eyes on the outside of the Xtreme Laser Tag, they will have no idea the excitement that awaits them on the inside. The portable indoor laser tag has a maze in the interior, so your team has plenty of places to run and hide during their games.

There are black lights, strobe lights, and a sound system included in the rental, so it is truly an immersive experience. You can decide which features you want to use depending on the needs of your team. So you can keep it calmer with natural light or go full out with flashing lights and music blasting. It’s up to you!

Playing Laser Tag Brings Out the Best in Your Team

Remember being a kid and naturally having the ability to make anything fun? Adults often lose that skill, which is why team building events that include a fun activity like laser tag are such a great idea.

As your team plays, they will loosen up and lose themselves in laughter and strategy. They will work together in a way that is fun. Don’t be surprised if they get super into protecting each other and winning the game… laser tag tends to bring out the very best in the players!

Successful Team Building Events Can Help Retention and Attract New Employees

When people dislike their coworkers or their team leaders, they are unlikely to stay at a company. So helping your team bond and connect through fun team building activities like laser tag can help you retain employees.

If you encourage your team to take photos and videos during the event, you might even use the fun to attract new potential employees as well. When your team posts their fun day on their social accounts like LinkedIn, their connections are going to see how much they love their jobs and how much their company loves them.

After all, who wouldn’t want to apply for a job where company bonding is done in an inflatable laser tag course? Get ready for some new job applications!

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  • Energize Singapore says:

    Inflatable laser tag is an ingenious way to spice up corporate team building events. The adrenaline-fueled gameplay encourages collaboration, strategic thinking, and camaraderie among colleagues. It’s a refreshing departure from traditional team exercises and allows employees to let loose while fostering valuable skills in a fun, engaging environment. Brilliant idea!

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