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Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

By February 15, 2022March 23rd, 2022Resources
Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas | Types of Social Events for Business

Whether hosting a holiday party or a team-building event, companies can foster the building of strong relationships between employees and with vendors and suppliers by offering engaging and varied types of corporate event entertainment.

Corporate events build relationships that are good for business. They also show a commitment to building a positive corporate culture and positive engagement with the community and other people in the industry, depending on the type of event.

Business leaders create the best events by working with experienced corporate event entertainment providers and planners. They also have many event options to choose from, depending on what they want to focus on.

  • Holiday events
  • Seminars
  • Executive and manager retreats
  • Team-building events
  • Celebrations of company milestones
  • Product launches

Options for Corporate Event Entertainment

Not all the following options work at every type of party. But this list gives company party planners and executives a good place to start when deciding on what direction to take their event.

Virtual Reality

No event trend is hotter right now than giving attendees the chance to experience virtual reality. The only question is how to use it. For some events, it makes sense to have training and educational information available in a VR environment. At others, more entertainment-focused VR experiences make the most sense.

What Is A Virtual Party?

Live Music

There’s a reason that live music remains a staple of corporate event entertainment. Bands give people a chance to dance, opening up a whole new fun experience and way to interact at a corporate event. The key here is having someone in charge who understands the type of music most guests will want to hear.

Hire Specialized Entertainment

Those who have worked in a corporate environment long enough have seen it all when it comes to specialized entertainment. It can range from the sublime (a full orchestra) to the hit-or-miss (a comedian). In this area, it’s best to stick with areas that have wide appeal.

  • Motivational speakers
  • Industry leaders
  • Magicians
  • Celebrity impersonators
  • Flair bartenders

Rent Food Trucks

Renting food trucks for the event immediately provides guests access to a wide variety of culinary options – maybe many they don’t usually enjoy. Every metro area in the Southeast has a wide selection of impressive food trucks serving everything from Middle Eastern and Mexican to Jamaican and Cajun.

What do party guests like to eat?

Thrill Rides

In some cases, an event is enhanced with a carnival atmosphere that includes games, experiences and thrill rides such as the zip line or rock wall climb. This area also incorporates a wide variety of inflatable entertainment, from eye-catching centerpieces like a giant alligator slide to challenging and fun obstacle courses.

Can You Rent Amusement Rides in Orlando?

Pay For Day At Amusement Park

Sometimes the best return on investment is to make use of the entertainment already built in the area. For companies in Central Florida and West Florida, some of the best amusement parks in the world are just a short drive away. This works especially well for smaller events, such as a weekend getaway for executives, top managers or members of one department or project team.

Popular Event Themes

Depending on the size of the vent, it sometimes benefits companies to go with a strong theme. For example, a luau theme works well with celebratory events and a Winter Wonderland is perfect throughout the holidays. Popular themes/features include:

  • Casino Night
  • Escape Room
  • Wine tasting
  • Golfing (complete with a golf simulator)
  • Carnival

How to Plan a Themed Event

Each of these ideas works well with specific types of parties. The first step to determining what type of corporate event entertainment fits into your company’s plans is to choose a theme, pick a location and set a budget. From there, this list provides a good starting point to find entertainment that works.

Corporate Event Planning Help

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