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Indoor Party Rentals

By September 13, 2020October 6th, 2020Resources
Indoor Party Rentals | Best Indoor Games, Rides and Entertainment Ideas

Party planners sometimes prefer using indoor spaces because they eliminate the variable of weather. Rain or shine, moving the party inside with indoor party rentals and indoor games offers you more control over how you manage an event.

Fortunately, if you’re planning an indoor party at a business, school, church or event facility, you’ve got plenty of entertainment choices for guests. Expert entertainment companies like Fun Crew USA offer consultation on what will work best in your space, as well as the rides, games and other entertainment you need to make the party one to remember.

Indoor Party Ride Rentals

At most parties, it’s the indoor party rental rides that everyone remembers. With the choices now available, there’s no reason not to offer your guests something amazing. Rides also can match your party’s vibe if you decide to go with a certain theme. Some of the best choices fall into the following categories.

Mechanical Bulls

Mechanical bulls have increased in popularity in recent years because they are both interactive and competitive, giving your guests something they don’t usually experience. The mechanical bull ride comes with an inflatable arena to ensure no one gets hurt. The ride also has settings from easy to difficult, allowing each person a chance to test themselves at their skill level.

Mechanical Bull Rental

Surf Simulator

We can’t all live in California, but that doesn’t mean we can’t surf. The surf simulator rental allows you the experience of riding the waves without having to get in the ocean. The board simulates wave action, starting slow for beginners and getting more difficult for those with higher balance and surfing skills. It comes in a large inflatable arena painted to look like blue ocean waters.

Surf Simulator Rental

Electronic Games Party Rentals

In addition to rides that can fit into almost any space, you also have the choice of electronic indoor games that can fit into any party space, no matter how small. These games let your guests test their own skills or compete against others, all while having a blast! They include the following popular choices.

Challenging Electronic Games

Top Doc Electronic Game

This one plays off a classic family board game. The Top Doc Electronic Game requires players to use an electronic wand to “operate” on the animated patient drawn into the table without hitting the sides of the game. A buzzer sounds when a mistake is made. The game comes on a four-foot tabletop that can come with or without a skirt that features original graphic designs.

Playback Electronic Game

This is another variation of a classic game with a carnival twist. The Playback Electronic Game allows two players to compete as they move up through the levels of this memory-challenge game. The game comes in three versions: tabletop, head-to-head and deluxe. Find the one that best fits your party space and give your guests a chance to test their memory in this challenging but fun entertainment option.

Chaos Electronic Game

This game allows up to four players to challenge themselves as they try to keep up with the light patterns on the board, hitting the ones that correspond with their designated color. This one is especially popular at corporate events, as it allows players to quickly learn and get absorbed with a challenging game.  It’s a great icebreaker at a party as people compete against themselves and each other.

These indoor party rentals and indoor games can maximize space and make your next event that much more fun and memorable. And with the options at your disposal, you can find the right combination of entertainment that will most satisfy guests while also ensuring that it fits comfortably in your event space.

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