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Ideas To Drive More Tradeshow Booth Traffic

By February 22, 2021March 12th, 2021Resources
Ideas to Drive More Tradeshow Booth Traffic | Convention Engagement

Driving better tradeshow booth traffic requires a combination of imagination, planning and a focus on getting the right people to visit. One of the best ways is to give them something entertaining or enjoyable to do that is different from what they expect.

The lineup of great games and other attractions available for rental can help you drive more tradeshow booth traffic. The key is finding something that will work with the audience you want to attract. This takes a bit more planning than handing out branded pens or the hundreds of other things people have seen before.

This list of ideas to drive more tradeshow booth traffic focuses on providing people good fun, something that will attract them to your booth, where you can then provide them more information about our products and services. You might also consider consulting with event planners for ideas on what will work best at your event.

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Tradeshow Booth Ideas

Not every idea below will work with every tradeshow. However, entertaining people is rarely going to steer you wrong. It just needs to be done in a unique way.

Branded Food

The key here is making it good food that is also memorable. A popular choice are Frosted Cookie Creations that allow you to place the name of your business – or something related to the tradeshow or the industry – directly onto tasty cookies using a custom machine.

Custom Printed Frosted Cookies


Gamification simply means finding ways to offer tradeshow attendees a game they can play to earn some type of award – in this case, something related to your product or industry is best. To add a special atmosphere, use one of the many classic carnival games available for rental.

Challenging Electronic Games

Photo Op

One popular way to give people a way to remember the tradeshow – and your booth – is a fun photo opportunity. If it’s an event around the holidays or in the winter, you could consider the Interactive Snow Globe where people literally get their picture made inside a snow globe. A Magic Mirror also gives attendees the chance to take a photo branded with the event, your company logo and whatever else they want on the image.

Check Out The Magic Mirror!

Cool Food

In addition to the cookie creations, there are food machine rentals that give people a reason to stop by your booth and chat. Again, creating a fair or carnival atmosphere can put people in a relaxed, talkative mood. Options include portable popcorn machines and cotton candy machines.

Cotton Candy Glo Cones!


Even after all these years, mini-golf continues to provide a great way to entertain people, and a way to get your branding and signage on full display. By renting a small course and giving people prizes for a Hole in One, you’ll attract plenty of people looking for a few minutes of fun.

5 Hole Inflatable Mini Golf

These ideas can drive better tradeshow booth traffic and give you the chance to interact with more people. Sometimes it doesn’t require an elaborate plan, but rather picking the one, right item that will get people to drop by and engage with your team. The rest is up to you.

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