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Sweet Memories: Custom Cookie Printing at B2B Events

By November 10, 2023December 1st, 2023Resources
Sweet Memories: Custom Cookie Printing at B2B Events

If you want to make your next company event or work retreat even sweeter, custom cookie printing is the way to do it. The tasty treat is created using a special printer that decorates the cookies with edible ink.

Best part? You can print whatever you want on your frosted cookie creations! Whatever image best represents your event, your company, or your team, the custom cookie printer can create whatever your heart desires.

Not only are these cookies a wonderful keepsake they also taste delicious. It’s a win-win!

Here are some ideas on how you can make your tradeshow, conference, or corporate event even better using the custom cookie printing.

Ideas for Cookies with Your Company Logo

A little branding goes a long way, especially when it’s this delicious! Your company logo makes the perfect cookie that can be used for so many things. Print your company logo and give the cookie to visitors at a vendor booth or use your company logo to give guests a treat at a grand opening event.

You could also put the company logo on cookies to give out to potential hires at a hiring event or to go in company gift bags for events or giveaways. Another option is to give logo cookies to employees to bring to networking events to show your team culture.

Any work event that includes desserts can be made better by some company logo cookies. You could even have the leadership team come around and distribute them to employees on Halloween. Bonus points if they’re wearing costumes when they do it!

Ideas for Cookies with Employee Photos on Them

Memories are made even sweeter when they’re printed on a cookie! Employee photos can personalize cookies in a way that the team will treasure. For example, you can choose photos of employees to gift them cookies on Employee Appreciation Day or photos of the leadership team for National Boss Day.

Have a holiday event coming up? Print photos from the year to give to employees treats to take home after a Christmas or New Year party. Non-holiday events work well too, like including photos of employees on cookies to give as sweet treats at a company award ceremony.

Team events are also made sweeter with custom cookies. You can ask your team to provide baby photos of themselves and print them on cookies for a fun “guess the baby” game at a team member’s baby shower or wedding shower.

Need to get the team excited about achieving an upcoming goal? Print photo cookies with goals on them to incentivize and motivate the team at the beginning of a new quarter. A little dessert can build morale and get the team ready to start the quarter with their goals in mind.

No matter what you can imagine, there is a cookie to match your business needs. If you can dream it, we can print it on a cookie! Custom cookie printing is the perfect way to create personalized and memorable experiences.

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