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Where Can I Order Personalized Cookies?

By November 9, 2020March 23rd, 2021Resources
Where Can I Order Personalized Cookies? | Put a Picture on a Cookie

If you want a special way to promote your organization or mark an important event, a personalized cookie is a perfect way to achieve that goal. You can now order personalized cookies from Fun Crew USA that will make your event, tradeshow, client gift or holiday celebration unique and memorable.

Fun Crew can print a picture on a cookie that is a company logo, images or words unique to the company or the event. And they are completely edible! A printer that uses edible ink creates the images for the cookies using a special frosting. Fun Crew can print six cookies per minute. There really is nothing quite like it.

Custom Printed Frosted Cookies

Where You Can Use Personalized Cookies

Organizations always want something different to promote an event or as part of a marketing campaign. If they order personalized cookies, they have more control over exactly what they give to clients and customers.

And when you can put a picture on a cookie, you’re also giving people something unlike anything they’ve ever seen.

Places where a personalized cookie can make an impression include the following.

Tradeshows. Everyone knows unique and tasty food is one of the ways to attract a crowd at a tradeshow. But giving people something delicious to eat emblazoned with the company logo or eye-catching image is something they will not forget.

Holidays. Celebrate a special holiday such as Christmas or the Fourth of July by adding a specially designed cookie to the mix for employees.

Gift for Clients. A personalized cookie with the company logo or a memorable photo makes a perfect gift addition to a gift bag at a corporate event.

Corporate parties. With the many options available for images, you can get a cookie created for a particular event.

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How to Order Personalized Cookies

Frosted cookie creations give your organization a way to enhance a theme or the décor of an event. They can be made in almost any color or design, from the more traditional Christmas cookie to cartoons or even images of the corporate office.

Fun Crew also can come to a live event, take photos on a custom background and print the cookies on site for immediate distribution to event guests. Or you can order personalized cookies in advance with the company logo or a picture on the cookie.

For COVID-safe events, party planners can email a photo to a specific address. Fun Crew can then upload the photos, print them onto the cookies and ship in USPS flat rate boxes.

Whatever approach you take, the decision to order personalized cookies can further brighten your event or celebration. Fun Crew USA can work with you to create a personalized cookie that fits into your theme.

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