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7 Ways to Attract People To Your Company Booth

By May 5, 2021May 24th, 2021Resources
7 Ways to Attract People To Your Company Booth | Trade Show Tips

With the convention and trade show season picking up across the country, it’s time to again turn your attention to ways to attract people to your company booth. Trade shows and conventions offer a huge opportunity for brands to get noticed by important people. You don’t want to let it slip by.

With a booth that gets noticed, companies can attract more foot traffic, raise brand awareness and increase return on investment for the event. With that in mind, the following offer ideas on ways to attract people to your company booth.

Indoor Games, Rides and Entertainment Ideas

Use a Pop-Up Tent

Businesses have made pop-up tents at booths a convention staple for a long time. That’s because they work. They offer a more intimate set-up than the usual open booths, as well as giving people a bit of shade from the sun if outdoors. You can also advertise your company on the crowd-facing parts of the tent.

Use Social Media Beforehand

If you have active social media channels, use them to promote your presence at the upcoming convention. Use pictures and video to give people a glimpse at what you will offer at the trade show or convention. The main goal is to let people know your booth location so they can easily locate you in the convention hall.

Make the Booth Eye-Catching

Shabby and tired are not good looks at a convention booth. You want the booth to pop with bright colors and good lighting. If it’s in your budget, a video playing on a large screen also goes a long way to attracting a crowd.

Top Expo Display Ideas

Offer Cool Branded Products

The emphasis here is on “cool,” because people don’t need another pencil with your company name on it. Think of unique giveaways that people will use, like lights for Zoom meetings or tote bags. Another option is branded food such as Frosted Cookie Creations. You have many choices that make the goodie bag at your booth that much more memorable.

Custom Printed Frosted Cookies

Make It Unique

When getting your booth together, think of something you’ve never seen before. Or, if you have seen it before, make it something so fun that you want to try it again. One idea in this area involves having a game people can play, such as the Cash Cube, or one that people expect to only see on a midway.

Trade Show Games and Expo Booth Fun

Have a Booth Event

In addition to games or giveaways, another surefire way to get people to your booth is to have a product demonstration. Many do this by picking a company to sponsor their booth. Sponsors can help with booth design, provide products for demonstration and supply more items in your booth’s goodie bag.

Provide a Quiet Space

This is an underused approach, but it can work wonders, especially on the last day or two of a convention. By offering a booth that includes a separate area with chairs and tables, preferably isolated from the noise of the convention, companies give people a chance to relax while they spend more time around your booth, products and branding.

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These ideas can help you attract people to your company booth at your next convention. With people getting the chance to get back together again, it’s time to make your company stand out with a unique booth that will attract plenty of convention attention.

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