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What is National Puzzle Day?

By December 29, 2019July 29th, 2020Resources
What is National Puzzle Day? | When and How to Celebrate Puzzle Day

National Puzzle Day is an annual event that celebrates all puzzle games, from crosswords and jigsaws puzzles to word searches and Sudoku. It also is an opportunity to throw a party and celebrate with other puzzle fans who like to put their minds to work.

National Puzzle Day happens each year on Jan. 29.

Maze Runner Game RentalIf you’re looking for a chance to up your puzzle game, Puzzle Day gives you the best opportunity to do just that. You also can try a new puzzle game with game rentals that allow you to compete with puzzle-loving friends and family

How National Puzzle Day Began

Syndicated writer and puzzle maker Jodi Jill created National Puzzle Day in 2002. Its popularity has grown over the years. Jill reports that more than 5 million mentions of National Puzzle Day happened on social media in 2019.

Jill writes on her site that Puzzle Day was created to set aside a day to celebrate puzzles: “From word games to jigsaw puzzles, from quizzes to escape rooms, it’s a day to acknowledge what games and puzzles we enjoy!”

Puzzles Make You Smarter

National Puzzle Day also gives everyone a chance to learn about why puzzles are both fun and important educational tools. They also can keep a person’s mind sharp as they age.

Puzzles require critical thinking skills, as well as (depending on the puzzle) math skills, a strong vocabulary and good memory. No matter what kind of puzzle you play with, it’s good for exercising your cognitive abilities.

Ways To Celebrate National Puzzle Day

The following are some ways to celebrate National Puzzle Day. And no matter how you celebrate, make sure to use the hashtag on social media.

Level Up Your Game

Puzzle Day provides a great opportunity to try a slightly more difficult puzzle than you are used to, just to test your skills. You may find that after Jan. 29, you never go back to the level where you used to play.

Try Something New

There are always new puzzle games on the market. This is a good day to explore your options, such as electronic games that have brought puzzles into the digital age.

Have a Puzzle Party

Gather with friends and family to play puzzle games together, such as a giant jigsaw. Or you can plan a family puzzle night and bring everyone around the table for cooperative games that stimulate your brain while providing a lot of fun.

Treat Yourself

If the holiday season is about finding gifts for other, Puzzle Day gives you the chance to buy a gift for yourself. Find that puzzle or game rental you always wanted to try. It’s a day to indulge yourself!

National Puzzle Day is a great day to celebrate puzzles, a uniquely human invention that gives us the chance to exercise our brains while learning something new. You’ll have fun exploring new games, and it’s a chance for friends and family to put down the smartphones and enjoy doing something together.

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