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What is Extreme Zorbing?

By August 23, 2019April 7th, 2021Resources
What is Extreme Zorbing? | Human Hamster Wheel | Zorb Track Rental

Extreme Zorbing involves getting placed into a large plastic ball and then rolled downhill. It can extend into other types of zorbing, including crossing water and zorb racing.

It’s emerged in recent years as one of the most exciting new extreme sports. While it’s fairly straightforward, getting placed inside a human hamster wheel and rolled downhill is actually a lot of fun.

People can use zorbs in many different ways. They include a track that requires running inside the zorb and racing against someone else on an adjoining track. These inflatable courses are increasingly showing up at big corporate parties and college events.

History of The Human Hamster Wheel

Where Extreme Zorbing Started

Zorb Ball in Orlando FloridaAs with many unusual sports, extreme zorbing started in England. The first zorbs were large plastic balls that had chairs inside of them. The use of chairs was eventually scrapped because that’s crazy even by extreme sports standards!

But the human hamster aspect of zorbing was retained and improved upon. It eventually led to the zorb balls of today that were first designed by a pair of men in New Zealand.

These balls have an interior ball in which a person stands. Then, they are surrounded by a bigger plastic ball that insulates them completely from impact and makes a zorbing safe for kids and adults.

The space between the balls contains a layer of compressed air. In some cases, the ball uses water in this space. Some zorb balls, especially those used to roll down steep inclines, require riders to be harnessed inside the inner plastic ball.

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What Can You Do In a Zorb Ball?

You can use a zorb in many different ways. The most common use is rolling downhill in a zorb ball on a cleared-out track – no trees or other obstacles. Some add to the excitement by running in front of the zorb ball and eventually letting it roll over them – not exactly recommended, as it doesn’t always turn out so well.

Racing is also part of extreme zorbing. On the Zorb track offered by Fun Crew USA, two people get in separate zorb balls and race along a track that is 85 feet long, 25 feet wide and 12 feet tall. It’s perfect for big events such as a corporate party or a college event. The track can be modified to make it flat, gently sloped or with a hill that people must climb in the zorb.

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However extreme zorbing is done, it’s a lot of fun. As entertainment companies find new ways to provide new options to customers, extreme zorbing as emerged as a popular favorite.

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