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What is Boomerang Air Hockey and How Do You Play?

By September 18, 2019September 23rd, 2019Resources
What is Boomerang Air Hockey and How Do You Play? | Air Hockey Rental

Boomerang Air Hockey is a new kind of air hockey table that allows players to play standing side-by-side. The table is much smaller than a traditional air hockey table and is designed for the puck to “boomerang” back around to the opposing player once it is struck.

The game provides a cool new twist on the always popular air hockey game. People rent Boomerang Air Hockey games because it is designed to save space, with most tables taking up about only about five square feet.

How You Play Boomerang Air Hockey

Air HockeyThe goal of Boomerang Air Hockey is the same as that for traditional air hockey. Players use a paddle to hit a round plastic puck that floats on a cushion of air that runs up through a perforated surface. It makes for smooth, fast action.

The difference with Boomerang Air Hockey is that players must use their paddle to hit the puck past a V-shaped plastic piece in the middle of the table. This requires angling your shot just right to get past the obstacle and to fly toward your opponent’s goal.

Speaking of the goals, they are bigger in Boomerang Air Hockey than they are in traditional air hockey. This means that players have a wider goal to guard, making the game more challenging both on offense and defense.

Why Rent Boomerang Air Hockey For Your Party?

So, why rent a Boomerang Air Hockey table rather than a regular table? Size and portability. With the boomerang table, you can fit an exciting game into a very compact space. It’s not so big that it dominates your party.

The game also provides a brand-new challenge. Air hockey has been around since 1969. Most kids (and all adults) have had a chance to play the game. But with Boomerang Air Hockey, there are new challenges to overcome and a new game to master.

They also get everyone involved. Scoring 10 goals wins a game, so it doesn’t take too long to play. People waiting to get into line don’t have to wait too long. However, they are there long enough to serve as a scorekeeper for the current game, keeping them involved and building up anticipation for when they play.

It’s perfectly designed for corporate parties, fundraisers and other big events, but because of its size can also be used for smaller parties.

Did You Know?

Air hockey was invented in 1969 by workers at Brunswick Bowling and Billiards, a division of the Brunswick Corporation of Illinois. They called the invention an “air cushion table game.”

The game became so big, so fast that by the late 1970s there were air hockey tournaments that continue to this day.

The Boomerang Air Hockey game is a fun extension of that original invention. For those looking for an easy to use and challenging game for parties, it’s a great choice.

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