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What are Swag Bags?

By October 30, 2019July 29th, 2020Resources
What are Swag Bags? | Top Branded Giveaway Ideas | Expo Gift Tips

Branded swag bags are handed out as gifts at business conferences, conventions, and trade shows and usually have more branded items inside. It’s a great way for a small company to make an impression as those who visit a trade show booth.

The quality of your swag bags is a reflection of your company. A lot of the swag that gets handed out at conferences ends up in a trash heap. You don’t want your swag bags in there. But standing out from the crowd takes some creative planning and follow up action.

The following looks at some good ways to make branded swag bags that people will want to keep. They can create a positive impression of your company that lasts.

Event Kits

Everyone who attends a conference always ends up wanting gum, a notebook, pen, a mini packet of Advil and a Tide to Go pen. Provide these items in a branded swag bag and you’re helping them out. They’ll appreciate the effort.

Scratch and Win

Give people who visit your booth the chance to win special prizes from your company by putting some branded scratch and win cards in your swag bags. Have a few high-end prizes and make sure to get the word out on what they are. That will help attract as much attention as possible.

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Play Games

You can rent trade show games that will fit into a trade booth area. People can play the game with a chance to win a prize. Everyone who participates can get a branded swag bag. Ideas for games include a Hi Striker Bell Ringer, a Prize Wheel, Skee Roll and a ton of fun carnival games.


Healthy dark chocolate is considered a superfood. It’s also something that pretty much everyone likes to eat. Put some chocolate inside those branded swag bags and a large percentage of conference attendees will love you for it.

Tech Gadgets

Businesspeople need gadgets that can make their lives easier on the go. A recent trend is a travel charger for a smartphone that keeps people from scrambling to find a plug-in everywhere they go. Business travelers will appreciate them. A USB memory stick is a bit dated but still useful for many. Remember, you want your swag to fall on the right side of the take it or toss it question every conference-goer asks themselves at some point.


Did you know that print books continue to be more popular than e-books or audiobooks? Give the people who visit your booth a swag bag with a respected book related to your industry or the topic of the conference. Make sure to put a bookmark in each one that has your company logo.


We’ve reached a point in society that if you put a Tootsie Roll in your swag bags, you are going to stand out from the crowd. The same goes for other “vintage” treats such as lollipops, Red Hots or candy bars. Also, consider concession rentals that make vintage food like cotton candy or a popcorn machine to attract people to your booth.

Stuff For Kids

Balls, Frisbees, toys, beach balls – all branded with the company logo, of course – are huge at conferences and conventions because people are often looking for something to “take home to the kids.” Give them what they need and get your name out there in a positive way.

As you can see, it’s best to keep in mind how you can be helpful to people when designing your swag bags. Giving them some fun, too, never hurts. Keep those principles in mind as you gear up for your next convention.

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