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Creating a Western Themed Party

By May 20, 2015Resources
How to create a Western Themed Party

One of the most difficult aspects of throwing a large, corporate sized party is settling on a theme that is appealing to a large number of people and also practical to pull off.

A number of themes fall into this category, but perhaps none are as popular as a western themed party. For business and large municipal or school events, a western theme allows for a variety of party rentals and fun that should appeal to both kids and adults.

Once you’ve settled on the food and decorations, it’s time to think about how to keep people at the party entertained.

Luckily, many companies – including Orlando Fun Crew – offer party rentals for many different types of themed parties. And, as in the case of Orlando Fun Crew, they concentrate and understand the need of larger organizations who throw big parties.

Ideas for a Western Themed Party

How to create a Western Themed PartyYou’ve got the hay bales to sit on, the ribs smoking and the square dance music playing, but what to do to keep people entertained beyond eating, drinking and dancing? That’s where party rentals come in and elevate the western themed party to another level.

Here are a few of the available rentals, culled from the inventory of Orlando Fun Crew and other inflatable party rental companies.

Mechanical Bull Ride

What western themed party is complete without everyone having the chance to prove they are a bronco-busting, real cowboy? This latest addition to competitive rentals offers party goers the chance to put their cowboy – and cowgirl – skills to the test.

Long a favorite of attractions and clubs in Texas, the mechanical bull brings a taste of the rodeo into your party. Various settings allow for starting off slow, then increasing the pace for those who want to really try their hand at being a rodeo star. And it’s all safe –  there’s a 25-square-foot inflatable arena there to catch people as they get thrown.

Classic Locomotive Trackless Train Rental

This one is not just for the kids. Train lovers of all ages will enjoy this black, red and gold train that features a large snow shovel and golden eagle on the engine. This allows those at the party to enjoy a train ride without having to worry about traveling to train tracks – this trains runs on almost any type of surface, including asphalt, dirt, grass and cement. The 30-foot long train carries 12 to 18 passengers (safety belts are there for all riders). And yes, there’s a bell to ring for the kids (or, let’s face it, the train-loving adults).

The train is especially effective for larger parties, allowing the train to take passengers all around the festivities, much like a train at an amusement park.

Derby Horses Rental

Cowboys on the range used to compete to see who had the fastest horse, racing each other across the open range. The bad news: There’s no way you want to rent real horses, not to mention an open range, to stage races. The good news: You can still offer party goers a chance to compete using inflatable horses “ridden” across whatever open field you have handy.

Competitions and races are always a big hit at a western themed party, and derby horses are no exception. Riders mount the inflatables and hang onto their necks and then propel them across the course – you get to decide how far and long they have to race to win.

Stage Coach Combo Rental

Since when is a bounce house also a slide and a photo opportunity for a western themed party? Since they started making this combo inflatable, which has the look of a genuine stage coach from the late 1800s. Inside, there’s a roomy bounce house. Also, you can climb up to the driver’s seat and ride a slide down the front of the stage coach.

The other reason the Stage Coach Combo is a good pick for a western party is that, with a few hay bales thrown around it, the stage coach makes for a perfect backdrop for party pictures.

Rockin Rapids Water Slide

The West is filled with rivers and rapids. Recreate the fun of riding the rapids with this giant water slide, which requires party goers to climb up 21 feet before getting on the slide. This is popular for parties in the summer in hot climates, and it will give your western themed party a twist that everyone will remember.

A western themed party is a great choice for a large party. With entertainment like trains, bounce houses and water slides, the party is sure to please guests of all ages. Do the research, plan carefully and the party is sure to be a big success.

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