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Create A Water Park In Your Own Backyard For Your Next Party

By May 29, 2017Resources
Water Park Backyard Party

Waters parks are awesome. And of all the places to live in the U.S., you won’t find a better place for water parks than the Sunshine State.

That said, coordinating a trip to a water park can become a handful. And then of course there are the long, long lines for each ride. Not to mention it can get very expensive, especially if you have a big crew of kids going.

That’s why treating that same crew to a water park in your own backyard is often a better choice. Thanks to party rental companies like Fun Crew USA, you have a great number of choices that allow you to get the exact kind of water slides you need to make your guests happy.

Check out the following list of slides, which is just a taste of the many slides offered at Fun Crew USA. As the hot summer months hit Florida, these are the perfect choices to make your next party memorable.

Water Park Experience: Coconut Falls Water Slide

This one just looks made for a summer party in Florida. Rising 27 feet into the air, this slide is decorated with a palm tree that stretches over the top of the slide. Plummet down a steep drop that rushes you into a corkscrew twists, then finally into a splash pool.

Big Blue Whale Water Slide

Anything with a name like this is going to be cool. And big. This is one of the latest additions to the Fun Crew lineup and ranks among the largest slides you can rent for your party. The Blue Whale has dual-lanes, so guests can race to the finish! Towering 36 feet in the air, the slide has a steep drop that carries you into the Twist Pool with a high bank that propels riders to the finish. Or, if you’d prefer, you can set up the slide to have a straight run into a splash pool. If this doesn’t make your summer party memorable, nothing will.

Pipeline Water Slide

Just take a look at this one. At 32-feet high and 85-feet long, this is one of the biggest slides you can rent. The steep drop rockets you into a long splash lane – an adrenaline rush that matches what you’ll get on water park slides.

Typhoon Water Slide

This represents one of the tallest water slides you can rent in Central Florida – or anywhere, for that matter. It features a huge 85-foot sliding lane. The ride begins with by whipping you around a 360-degree turn through a tunnel, then banking into a 90-degree into yet another tunnel before sending you flying into a long slip and slide lane.

Tropical Vortex Slide

This one also starts with a 360-degree turn through a tunnel that propels you out into a long slip and slide lane. A little less intense than some of the slides mentioned above, making it perfect for a party with many little kids.

These represent just some of the slides you can rent to create your own backyard water park. Be sure to check out all the rentals available and find the rides that will make your party one the kids will remember for many, many years to come.

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