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University Event Planning Tips

By July 20, 2016Resources
University Event Planning

If you are a university student, summer is a time to relax and recharge before jumping back into the educational fray in the fall.

But if you are in charge of university event planning, your mind is already on the fall and how you are going to pull off your big party plans.

Events are an important part of the academic environment. Whether it’s an event built around an educational theme or meant to give students a chance to blow off some steam, it’s important to put in the planning necessary to make it special.

Fortunately, party planning options have never been better and there is plenty of help available.

Call In a University Event Planning Specialist

Fun Crew USA of Orlando specializes in creating safe and fun events on a large scale, just the kind of event you will throw at a university. Fun Crew provides interactive party rentals, thrill rides and inflatable games and attractions.

They also have carnival booths and games, which are useful for university party planning.

Fun Crew can help you right from the planning stage. The company has 12 years of experience in planning and hosting large parties. Some of the issues they can help you get answers for include:

  • What type of event do you want to have? Is there a specific theme you want to build your party around?
  • Who is on the guest list (i.e., the “target audience” for your party)
  • What is the goal of your event? This is an important step in determining the type of party you want to hold.
  • Do you have a date and location for your event (and a back-up date and location?)
  • What is the budget for your event?

Helping to determine the answers to those questions can set you on the right path for your event before you’ve spent one dime or sent out the first invitation. Fun Crew has a well-deserved reputation for planning events such as this and will keep you on the right track.

Fun Crew Entertainment

No matter what theme you might choose for your party, Fun Crew has an option your audience will enjoy. Some of the categories include the following.

Thrill rides. Zip lines, rock climbing walls and even a Ferris Wheel are available. Or you might consider the Zorb Track, one of the newest attractions, which involves running on an inflatable track while inside a giant ball (which is why this is also known as the Human Hamster).

Water slides. There are regular slides, too, without the water. The choices range into the dozens, and run from the truly huge – like the Coconut Falls Water Slide – to somewhat smaller slides.

Obstacle courses. These are often popular for college parties because it gives students the chance to compete against one another. The array of choices here is also big with courses that vary in height, length and degree of difficulty.

These are just some of the areas where Fun Crew can help you make your party especially memorable. With their years of experience and knowledge about party planning, the experts at Fun Crew can help make the job of planning for a university party less stressful and the event itself more successful!

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