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Unique Ways to Invite People to a Party

By January 31, 2020July 29th, 2020Resources
Unique Ways to Invite People to a Party | Trending Invitation Ideas

You have a lot to communicate when you invite people to a party. First and foremost, you must convey all the practical information (time, date, place, what to wear). But a unique party invitation also allows you to set the mood and tone for your celebration.

Everyone has seen the same kind of party invitations repeatedly through the years. If you want a unique way to invite people to a party, check out the trending invitation ideas below. They can make your party memorable before the party has even started!

Answering the Basic Invitation Questions

Before doing something unique, you must first cover the basics.

Think about when you get an invitation. What are some of the first things you want to know? Usually they are: Who is throwing the party? What day and time is it happening? What’s the party celebrating? What am I supposed to wear?

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Keep those basic questions in mind when you select your party invitation wording. No matter what form your invitation takes, you want it to convey the important information when you invite people to a party. That includes:

  • Why. Why is the party being thrown? If it’s a birthday or graduation party, make sure to list the person’s name and age.
  • Who. Put the name of the host in the invitation
  • What. This is where you give details on the theme for the party and what they can expect to see when they arrive.
  • When. The all-important time, date and place.
  • Where. Include directions or a place to visit for directions if it’s not at your home.

Unique Party Invitation Ideas

The following invitation ideas will set your invitation apart from the usual, and then some. See what works best for you.

Scratch Off. Include an area on the invitation that the guests must scratch off to see important information, such as the location of a wedding or birthday party.

Viewmaster. Yes, you can get (relatively inexpensive) Viewmasters and use them for your invites by loading them with photo images that have all the party information.

Pop Ups. How about a pop-up in your invitation that depicts the happy couple-to-be or maybe something related to the birthday girl or boy?

Tea party. Another fun idea (if tea is involved, obviously) is to include a packet of tea in the invite. Just make sure it’s something special.

Retro record sleeve. If you’ve got hipsters involved in your party, think about using an invite that looks like an old 45 rpm record sleeve with the invitation information on the round “record” within.

Vintage movie poster. Another one that’s great for hipsters and movie buffs  – putting all the information for the party into the form of a poster advertising a classic movie.

Computer games. You can order cards that contain graphics from classic video games such as Space Invaders.

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Any of the above can put a little more pop into how you invite people to a party. Invitations don’t have to just be utilitarian, simply conveying information. Done with the right style, they can also set the proper mood for the party ahead!

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