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Trade Show Traffic Building

By January 3, 2020July 29th, 2020Resources
Trade Show Traffic Building | Expo Icebreakers & Trade Show Games

Trade shows are about attracting attention. Smart marketers looking to build traffic around their trade show booth look into Expo icebreakers such as trade show games, unique food, cool contests and prize giveaways. All can turn your trade show booth into a successful networking opportunity.

But what, exactly, makes for a good Expo icebreaker? As experts in entertainment rentals, Fun Crew USA has a wealth of experience in providing clients with trade show attractions that become magnets for foot traffic.

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Trade Show Games

People like games. In addition to the simple fact they are fun, games also help people tap into positive emotions and even feel like a hero. Those are all good reasons to have trade show games at your booth. Fortunately, there are many trade show rentals available, including mechanical bulls, quarterback toss, speed pitch, and tons of carnival games (skee roll, giant Jenga, giant Jacks, inflatable Snooker, etc.). This is an area where you have so many options that you can easily find one to fit the available space and please the type of crowd you expect.

Unique Food

Food is always a good Expo icebreaker. We build entire holidays around eating food, so why not use it at your tradeshow booth? One surefire idea is to offer carnival snacks such as popcorn done in a vintage machine, cotton candy, frozen drinks and snow cones. There’s a reason these unique foods have been popular for so many years. They never lose their appeal.

Cool Contests

One of the most straightforward but popular contests is the Cash Cube. It’s an inflatable enclosure that you fill with money, then have fans blow the cash around inside. Players get a set amount of time to enter the cube and grab all the cash they can get. Of course, you can also fill it with coupons or other items. This is a unique attraction that will increase traffic to your booth quickly. You can also turn your booth in a midway-style tent and have giveaways for challenges such as classic midway knock down games, Duck Pond, the Hi Striker Bell Ringer and Ping Pong Toss.

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Give Away Prizes

As much as people like good games, food and contests, they absolutely love prizes. Attract people to your booth by offering a regular giveaway each day at the Expo (or more frequently if you have enough prizes). A simple Prize Wheel where Expo patrons can pick a number to win is still a classic attention-grabber. People can get a chance to spin the wheel by giving you a business card, which will create a great contact list for you.

Attracting people to your booth is just the first step. You’ll want to have a way to get contact information, create attractive displays of your product and have people ready to connect with expo attendees to explain the benefits of your company’s services. But getting people to your booth is half the battle. Any of the above Expo icebreakers can get the job done.

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