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Trade Show Rentals: Top Expo Display Ideas

By May 30, 2019Resources
Trade Show Rentals: Top Expo Display Ideas | Convention Center Rentals

A top-notch exhibit at trade shows and conferences is key to increasing your client base and advancing your buying cycle of products and services. Some of the top expo display ideas you can get with a trade show rental include interactive games, colorful concessions, food, and LED games.

The idea is to grab attention with your trade show rentals. You want to give attendees a reason to stop and check out your exhibit. It’s important to have a display that can be seen from a distance and, once someone stops, have information on hand that answers all their questions about your products and services.

Expo Display Ideas

When coming up with your booth, keep in mind what people attending a particular trade show want to see. Trade show attendees are interested in being engaged, having fun, learning something about what you offer and how it can help them. That last part is the most important and requires having both engaging handout material (including multimedia presentations) and staff trained in how to interact with attendees.

The ideas listed below are about catching attention and getting people to stop at your exhibit. All are trade show rentals you can find at quality entertainment rental companies.

Interactive Trade Show Rentals

Space is the only issue in this category because there is a rental to meet almost every need. The term “interactive” covers a host of expo rentals, but really, it’s anything that gets people involved in playing a game or competing against others. A smart move is to have prizes available that have your company logo and contact information.

The possibilities are endless. Here are just a few expo display ideas.

Mechanical bull. If you have room for this, few things will attract a bigger crowd than a mechanical bull rental. It also can be rented with other animals replacing the bull, including an alligator, shark, reindeer, and pig.

Speed Pitch. This is a classic, but since making an accurate throw with a baseball hasn’t gotten any easier, it’s still very popular.

Quarterback toss. The same attraction except with a football.

Velcro wall. Small enough for most shows and conventions, and cool enough to appeal to just about anyone.

That’s just a small sample. The key is to find something that fits the space you have and ties into either the industry or the products and services you offer.

Food and Concessions

Interesting food will always attract people. Few foods are associated with positive memories more than fair and carnival food. In most cases, a person who stops to eat the food you are offering will feel an obligation to check out your company’s products and services.

Choices include old-style popcorn machines, cotton candy machines (and cotton candy glow cones to serve it on), snow cone makers and hotdog stands just like the ones at the carnival or the ballpark. You can also rent a fun inflatable concession tent.

LED Games

LED games continue to expand because of their popularity. There are now LED trade show rentals available for games such as ping pong and boomerang air hockey.

Also, with LED or not, there are dozens of games that can potentially attract people to your booth. They range from old-fashioned “knock down” carnival games to newer games such as Giant Jenga and Maze Runner.

Those are just a taste of the potential trade show rentals you can add to your next exhibit booth. Keep in mind how you can best attract people in your industry and what you want them to do once they stop at your booth. That can help guide you as you search for the perfect rental for your trade show exhibit.

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