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Why Trackless Trains Are a Good Addition To A Party

By July 12, 2017Resources
Trackless Trains Party Ideas

Answer this question: How many parties have you gone to that featured a trackless train?

Not many, probably. And if one did, you probably remember it well, because having a train at a party is the kind of thing that most people don’t get to experience.

That’s why trackless trains have become a mainstay at party rental companies such as Fun Crew USA. The company specializes in larger parties such as corporate events, school fundraisers, college parties and church benefits.

But no matter what the size of the party, a trackless train is a great addition.

Why Trackless Trains?

Trains were invented in the 18th century, but ever since people have modified them for different purposes. Trackless trains came into popularity in the 20th century and are used in a variety of ways.

The type of trackless train most people remember are the ones used at amusement parks to take people from the parking area to the park itself. But they also are used at airports to move luggage and for tours at places such as movie studios in Los Angeles.

In the city of Monaco, trackless trains are used as part of the transportation system (see photo).

The uses are many but the bottom line is the same: trackless trains pack both convenience and fun into one package.

Give the Kids A Ride

For parties where kids are attending, a trackless train offers kids a ride they will immediately enjoy. At Fun Crew, one of the two trackless trains is one geared especially for kids (although adults will like it, too).

With an engine painted bright yellow, the train carries three cars capable of seating 12 to 18 people at once. As with all trackless trains, it can easily handle grass, pavement, dirt road and cement. It also comes with safety belts for all passengers.

It’s perfect for a birthday party or neighborhood get together. And yes, it has a bell you can ring.

Classic Locomotive

More geared for adults – although train-loving kids will enjoy it, too – the Classic Locomotive Trackless Train is perfect for large-scale events.

The train, painted black with red trim, features the No. 9 engine in front with three large cars pulled behind. The engine also has a golden eagle on top. The train is 30 feet long and can carry up to 18 adults.

The Classic Locomotive can be used in a variety of ways. Giving kids a ride is one. At larger parties, it also can be used to ferry people from Point A to Point B (such as from the parking area to the party itself). It also is great for photo opportunities.

Trackless trains are something unusual, fun and just cool to have at a party. Consider renting one for your next get together and give your guests a special, memorable treat.

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