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Top Bounce House Rentals for Young Kids

By December 8, 2015May 25th, 2016Resources
Top Bounce Houses for Kids

When it comes to picking top bounce house rentals for a child’s party, the issue often comes down to this: how old are the kids?

Bigger kids might go for themes that are more “teen” oriented, while younger kids still want something aimed at the kindergarten set. It’s hard – and probably not wise – to try to please both.

It’s important to give little kids a party space of their own. Otherwise, they might find themselves intimidated by bigger kids jumping around, knocking them over and generally creating the kind of scene that makes the little ones cry: “Mom!!”

You don’t want that.

And so, to help you keep the little ones happy, here are some suggestions for bounce house rentals that are little kid friendly. Luckily there are plenty of choices (these were found at Fun Crew USA, a Central Florida party rental company).

Just remember: No big kids allowed.

Top Bounce House Rentals for Young Kids

Bugsy caterpillar. When it comes to cuteness, this one is off the charts. It incorporates an obstacle course into the bounce house concept, allowing the little ones to climb into the “belly” of the inflatable caterpillar, where they will find a bounce area.

The Carousel. This bounce house looks, on the outside, just like an old-fashioned carousel, complete with painted turn-of-the-century horses in multiple colors. Inside, there is a large bounce area. This one puts the fun of a circus in your backyard.

Spiderman Bounce House. If there’s one superhero that is a favorite of kids, it’s Spider-Man, mostly because the hero is just a kid himself! The outside has a great drawing of everyone’s favorite web-slinger, while inside is a big bounce area that can hold as many as eight kids at one time.

Football Bounce House. If your kids are more sports-minded, then this is the perfect choice. On the outside, this spacious bounce house looks like a giant football standing on one end. This is also the perfect choice for parties for Pop Warner football teams or youth sports leagues.

My Little Farm. Kids have liked farm animals since, well, there have been farms. This combination of slide and bounce house comes with a host of 3D inflated animals, including a horse, chickens and a dog, as well as hay and a cactus. A red farm roof adorns the entrance.

Stage Coach Combo. This combination of bounce house and slide puts kids inside an Old West stagecoach. The beautiful designed inflatable is based on a real stagecoach from the 1800s. Kids can climb a ladder up to the driver’s seat. This rental also makes a great backdrop for photos.

4N1 Princess Combo. There are a number of castle rentals, but perhaps the best is this, which combines a bounce house, ladder, slide and a basketball hoop. The whole thing is contained within a pink castle adorned with paintings of a prince and princess – making it a good choice for your little princess.

Gift Box Bounce House. How often do you get to actually climb inside your gift box? The kids can here. On the outside, it’s a gift box painted with colorful balloons and with a giant bow on top. Inside, it’s a spacious bounce house.

Those are just some of the choices. When it comes to providing your little ones with the perfect bounce house for a party, you have a lot to choose from. Just remember to keep the little ones in mind and get something especially for them.

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