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Top 10 Thanksgiving Party Ideas

By October 11, 2018October 17th, 2018Resources
Top 10 Thanksgiving Party Ideas

Thanksgiving Day traditionally is about eating a big meal with family and friends, then watching (or sleeping in front of) a football game. That still applies for many, but you can liven up the Thanksgiving party with fun, food, great fall decorations, crafts for the kids, fall-themed drinks, and games that keep guests of all ages entertained.

To give you some ideas for your Thanksgiving Party, the following 10 topics cover different aspects of the celebration. Hopefully, they will help you plan ahead so you can spend the day enjoying your company!

Thanksgiving Party Finger Foods

While many focus on the big meal, finger foods are always appreciated. Spiced nuts, using cayenne pepper or Worchester sauce, are usually a winner. Other ideas include whole wheat crackers with cheese slices, deviled eggs, shrimp with cocktail sauce, and spiced popcorn (all according to food guru Martha Stewart).

Fun Vegetarian Foods

Some guests won’t want turkey or any kind of meat. But there are plenty of tasty choices for vegetarian dishes. Consider creamed spinach, sweet potato casserole, whipped sweet potatoes and bananas with honey, mashed potatoes, cornbread, and caramelized butter squash.

Potluck Ideas

For many, a potluck is a Thanksgiving tradition.  Classics ideas, according to the Cooking Channel, include green bean casserole, baked mashed potatoes (with parmesan cheese), roasted vegetables, spicy green beans and kale, and stove top macaroni and cheese.


Think fall, of course. Baskets filled with colored leaves, nuts, and pinecones. Wreaths of dried leaves in beautiful fall colors. Centerpieces of pretty fall flowers in a vase. When selecting place settings, the colors brown, red, yellow, and orange should dominate.

Bounce Houses

What to do with the kids? That’s the question for every holiday party, and Thanksgiving is no exception. One simple but effective idea is to rent a bounce house, put it in the backyard, and watch the kids entertain themselves for most of the day. We’re the experts here at Fun Crew USA in this area. Check out the large number of bounce houses we have available, from stage coaches to jam boxes and princess castles.

Fall-Themed Drinks

It’s finally time for ciders! It’s to Thanksgiving what eggnog is to Christmas. Town and Country magazine has a long list of fall drinks, many of them aimed at adults. They include Kentucky Mulled Cider, Apple Cider Mimosas, and a Maple Bourbon Old-Fashioned. There are plenty of non-alcoholic ciders available, as well.

Games For Non-Football Fans

Not everyone is going to care about the football games. You are on the right site to find plenty other things for them to do. Check out these games, which will appeal to both kids and adults. They include Giant Jenga, Pick Up Sticks, and Giant Dominoes.

Kids Craft Ideas

We’re sticking with the non-messy suggestions here, as no one wants to spend Thanksgiving cleaning up paint or Crazy Glue spills! A classic is to have them create string beads. Or you could set them up to create digital art on your computer. Another time-honored classic is to give them chalk and let them do art on the sidewalk outside.

Bite-Sized Desserts

There are many choices here, all of which will leave your guests without the mess of a giant piece of cake or pie. Cake pops are one way to go, as are baking small cookies or S’mores. You can get a little more fancy with something like mini velvet cheesecake or pumpkin muffin bites.

Social Media Ideas

Especially for the younger guests, it’s a fun idea to set up a “selfie station” where they can take pictures to remember the day. Cardboard cutouts decorated with a fall or Thanksgiving theme can work, as will fun items such as Thanksgiving-themed items to wear. You can also use the Magic Mirror, a selfie station that allows guests to create their own Thanksgiving message.

Hopefully, these ideas get the creative juices flowing for planning your Thanksgiving Party. Try to get everything done ahead of time so you can spend the day doing the most important thing – enjoying time with your friends and family.

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