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Thanksgiving Parties: How to Make Them Fun

By October 17, 2016August 1st, 2017Resources
Thanksgiving Parties Orlando

Thanksgiving gatherings typically revolve around family, food and, in many households, football. That’s all well and good, but why not give people more to do at the holiday gathering?

Keeping everyone busy keeps everyone happy. And with the type of entertainment now available from party rental companies, throwing a memorable Thanksgiving Day party has never been easier.

Fun Crew USA of Orlando offers a good example. This company specializes in larger parties, including fundraisers and corporate parties. They also can provide the type of entertainment to make your family thankful for more than just turkey and cranberries.

Here are some examples from the Fun Crew USA website.

Thanksgiving Parties For the Little Ones

In the history of parties for kids, a bounce house has never failed to entertain. That could explain why so many different varieties have been developed for rental.

Fun Crew USA has 29 different bounce houses available, ranging from those for the smallest kids to those that will please the bigger ones. They include.

Football Bounce House. We mentioned this one first because for many football remains as much a part of Thanksgiving as a table covered with food and a large, hungry family gathered around. Why not extend the theme to the backyard? The football bounce house can hold six to eight kids and is shaped like a giant football.

Fairytales. A number of bounce houses come shaped like castles and, in one case, a carriage. Perfect for the little princesses coming over for Thanksgiving.

Superheroes. What’s more popular with the younger set than superheroes? Fun Crew USA offers bounce houses that feature two of the most popular heroes, Spider-Man and Batman.

Carnival Games

There’s a reason carnivals games are around after, in some cases, hundreds of years. That’s because they are simple fun that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Especially the competitive ones.

Options include classics such as the Hi Striker Bell Ringer, Skee Roll and the Prize Wheel. A couple of other options among the many:

Crazy Coconuts. As the wheel spins, guests try to throw a ball into holes. Not easy.

Say Ahh Mini Golf Rental. This putting game challenges people to knock a ball into a cartoon guy’s mouth – by rolling in down his tongue. Needs to be seen to be completely believed. This one offers fun just looking at it, much less playing it.

Extreme Attractions

If you have the kind of family that doesn’t enjoy lazing around after Thanksgiving dinner, this category gives you what you need.

Attractions available for rent include rock walls, trackless trains, mechanical bulls and even a Ferris Wheel.

Among the new attractions is the Zorb Track. This amazing attraction involves getting inside a transparent plastic ball and then moving it down an inflatable, 85-foot long track. And the attraction comes with two parallel tracks, so people can race each other.

Choose any of these attractions and you can elevate your Thanksgiving Day party from another get-together to a truly memorable event. You family will love you for it.

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