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Taking Thrills to New Heights: The 90′ Carnival Slide and Beyond

By November 22, 2023December 1st, 2023Resources
90 Foot Carnival Slide

Ready to show your employees a good time with team bonding activities they’ll never forget? A carnival is the way to achieve that, especially if you include a 90’ carnival slide rental in the mix!

Thrill rides and obstacle courses are perfect rental choices for team-building events and corporate retreats. Here are some reasons why you should choose these rentals to make your next work event the best one yet.

Surprise and Delight Your Employees

Your team works hard for the company every day, so why not surprise and delight them with a ride down the Sugar Rush Falls Slide? Happy employees perform better, so bring out your team’s joy with a thrill ride slide that will bring them back to the happiness of childhood with each ride.

Foster Teamwork Between Employees

Your employees need to work together to achieve your team’s goals each day, so a corporate retreat is a chance to strengthen those bonds in a fun way. With so many obstacle course options, you can work through the events in smaller groups, working together to get through them. After all, the team that climbs together, stays together, right?

Enjoy a Friendly Competition

One of the best ways to take your retreat to the next level is by turning the fun events into friendly competitions. People get excited when they have a chance to win, and teams can build camaraderie as they work together.

An easy way to make your event a fun competition is by breaking into even teams and having them do all of the events in a relay race style. The team lines up and goes through the obstacle course one at a time with a timer running. When the first team member makes it all the way through the course, the next player takes a turn, and so on. The timer stops when all team members make it through the course. If the group is smaller, you can also play with each person as individuals instead of teams.

With so many amazing obstacle course rentals available, having multiple courses can let the teams get multiple chances to rack up some points. Even thrill rides such as the Sugar Rush Falls Slide can be turned into a timed race, with the clock starting when they begin sliding down and stopping when a player reaches the bottom.

With a friendly competition, don’t forget about prizes for the winners! It can be as simple as gold, silver, and bronze medals for first, second, and third places. Or if you really want to kick the competition up a notch, consider including a coveted prize. Imagine how excited the group would be if a paid day off was on the line! You could even rent a dunk tank and let the winners dunk the boss!

Don’t Forget to Share on Social Media

Before the event, encourage your team to take photos for social media. Posting about events on social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, can show off your company culture and attract new talent.

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