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St. Patrick’s Day Party Planning Tips

By February 25, 2019Resources
St. Patrick's Day Party Planning Tips | Kids Entertainment | Food Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day parties have become a large part of the United States holiday calendar, and you don’t have to be Irish to enjoy it. Everyone is invited to cut loose, relax and enjoy a day that features parades, music and wearing as much green as possible.

If you’re throwing your own St. Patrick’s Day party, the following offers some tips to keep in mind. Just remember that in addition to celebrating the life of the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day comes with no other mandate than to enjoy yourself!

Go Green!

Obviously, green is the way to go with decorations, whether you are hand cutting a string of shamrocks or painting “Luck O’ the Irish” signs. You’ll want green plates, cups, silverware and plenty of items with leprechaun images to scatter about. On a more practical side for your decorations, considering getting a concession tent that can block out the sun (or the rain) if you are holding your party outside.

Make Those Drinks Special

Sure, you want to make those beverages (and everything else) green. But to make them even more memorable, and more fun to drink, consider serving your St. Patrick’s Day party concoctions from a frozen drink machine. The double barrel system allows you to serve two kinds of drinks at the same time – never a bad idea. You can, of course, mix up some non-alcoholic drinks for those who don’t drink alcohol and for kids.

Entertaining the Kids

Speaking of kids – they’re not going to want to sit around while the adults chit chat. Consider giving them some entertainment of their own. You can choose from carnival games, bounce houses or even slides and obstacle courses. Your kids will love it, and you’ll love the fact they have something fun and safe to do.

Special Treats

Most St. Patrick’s Day treats involve injecting green dye into everything. But one of the St. Patrick’s Day party treats that always catches our eye is Lucky Charms Treats. It’s essentially Rice Krispies Treats but made with Lucky Charms cereal instead. Which is a genius-level idea. It’s so good that even the British list it among treats to make for the holiday.

Photo Booth Props

Get yourself some Irish photo booth props such as the hat and beard of a leprechaun or “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” t-shirts or hats. Then, set up a Magic Mirror photo booth that gives everyone a chance to take a selfie of themselves at the party and create a lasting memory of a good time.

These are some ideas that can up your St. Patrick’s Day party game. Along with great food and music, this can make your get-together a St. Patrick’s Day everyone will remember.

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