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Rides That Give Your Party Guests A Challenge

By April 17, 2017Resources
Party Guests Challenge

Want to create a party for your office, school or neighborhood that people will long remember”? Of course, you do, but here’s an idea you might not have considered:

Give your guests a challenge.

As people have generally become more active and sitting around and talking at parties has gone the way of the dinosaur, party planners continually look for new ways to entertain guests. Many have turned to the idea of giving their guests a fun – but kind of difficult – challenge at their parties.

Challenging Rides for Your Party Guest

That’s where party rental companies like Fun Crew USA in Orlando come in. They offer a wide variety of inflatable party entertainment, including many that will put your guests’ skills to the test. The following represent some of the choices, all taken from the Fun Crew USA site.

Mechanical Bull

Mechanical bull riding is meant to be fun, and with this rental you get to enjoy it in a safe way. There are different speeds to match the rider’s level of expertise and a guaranteed safe, soft landing in an inflatable arena. But it’s not easy when you get to the higher levels – definitely a challenge for party guests.

Advanced Rock Climbing Wall

Sure you can climb, but can you climb that high? This 22-foot high rental features three different walls you can climb, each one presenting its own level of challenge. It also can have LED lights installed so it’s safe to use at night (and also looks very cool, with rocks glowing in different colors).

Patriot Games

Good luck with this one. Also called Wipeout, this rental requires four party guests to try to remain on top of mounted pedestals within the inflatable arena. No problem there, right? Except you also must leap over a sweeping arm that swings in a circle, right at the height to take out your legs and send you tumbling. This one requires timing, athletic ability and a bit of luck. Watch out – the swinging arms varies in speed and height.

Surf Simulator

We can’t all live in California, but we can experience what it’s like to try and ride a big wave with this rental. Without any water, this ride simulates the experience of surfing, with a board that moves left and right, up and down. It can be set for various skill levels. And there’s a nice, soft inflatable arena to land in when you have the inevitable wipeout.

Speed Pitch and Quarterback Toss

Monday morning sports fans always think they could have done better than the guys on the field, and now here is their chance to prove it. The speed pitch measures your speed and accuracy in throwing a baseball, while the Quarterback Toss requires you to throw the ball into a tight spot and complete a pass. This will give you a new appreciation for what the pros and college players (heck, even high school players) can do on the field.

These represent just some of the challenges you can give your party guests through inflatable rentals. Check out the choices and find the one that best suits the people on your guest list!

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