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Snow Machines in Florida

By November 16, 2020December 8th, 2020Resources
Snow Machines in Florida | Can You Rent a Snow Machine in Orlando?

You can make it snow in Orlando or anywhere in Florida, a treat Mother Nature rarely provides.  When you rent a snow machine, you can turn your next big event, corporate party or fundraiser into a winter wonderland experience.

Of course, the coolest part about that is you are actually making it snow in Florida! That’s something those who attend the party have probably rarely seen, if ever. Renting snow machines in Florida gives you the chance to give guests a unique experience.

 Event Management Checklist

A Snow Woman or Snowman

When you rent a snow machine from Fun Crew USA, you get two choices: a snowman or a snow woman.

The snowman is dressed in a red coat with a green scarf, black gloves, and a black hat with a red band. Yes, of course he has a carrot nose! Big blue eyes, as well. The amazing snow woman has a green sweater and red scarf, with a red night cap. And yes, the carrot nose.

Both stand at 27 inches tall and weigh about 15 lbs. Both use a specially designed system to blow snowflakes high into the air, creating a continuous pattern of gently falling snow. It’s perfect for entryways at a party or near holiday decorations that will only improve with a bit of snowfall in the air.

The snowfall covers an area of between 15 feet to 20 feet, creating a large area for your event’s winter wonderland experience.

How to Plan a Themed Event

The Last Time It Snowed In Orlando

Why is it cool to rent snow machines in Florida? Because they give people an experience they don’t usually have. It hardly ever snows in Florida – especially in the Orlando area, Central Florida and the southern half of the state.

It’s so rare that the last time anyone remembers substantial snowfall in Orlando was all the way back in 1977. On Jan. 18 of that year, snow fell in Orlando and as far south as Miami. It was the first time that had ever happened in recorded history, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Considering it pretty much snows everywhere else in the United States, it’s amazing the Orlando area hasn’t seen snow since the Carter Administration.

The people were amazed, too. The Sentinel reported that people had fun simply being able to  “make snowballs and trace outlines with snow flurries on the surface of cars.”

Needless to say, providing a bit of snow at your next corporate party, fundraiser or big holiday event in Orlando is going to be hit. Renting a snow machine in Florida for a big event is a great idea because it gives people something that they aren’t likely to ever see living in the Sunshine State.

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