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Can You Rent Glow Furniture?

By February 25, 2024March 20th, 2024Resources
rent glow furniture

Yes, uou can rent glow furniture from party rental or event companies. Glow furniture rental options include chairs, cocktail tables, benches, and more.

Why Rent Glow Furniture?

Glow furniture rentals are a popular choice for all sorts of different events. Colleges love these rentals for student events. Families can rent glow furniture for children’s parties. Companies can rent glow furniture for corporate events or to draw extra attention during trade shows. It is also really popular to have glow furniture rentals at music events and festivals.

What Kind of Glow Furniture Can I Rent?

Check with your party rental company to see what type of glow in the dark furniture rentals are available. Popular choices are chairs and tables, especially for events that will have food. Glowing cocktail tables are often available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Curved benches are also comfortable and add both ambiance and seating.

Do Glow Furniture Rentals Come in Different Colors?

Yes, glow in the dark furniture comes in a ton of different colors. One of the reasons party planners and event coordinators love renting glowing furniture is that it’s super easy to create an incredible ambiance in any color scheme.

Are There Any Glow in the Dark Decor Rentals?

Many party rental companies offer more than just glowing furniture rentals. There are also glow in the dark decorative elements that you can rent. There are glowing pillars, mushrooms, boxes,  huge glowing balls, stars, and all sorts of other shapes. Glow in the dark animals like rabbits and polar bears are also super popular.

Can I Rent Glow in the Dark Party Games?

Yes, you can rent glowing party games to match your party. Rent a glow furniture-style cornhole game and watch your guests get competitive in the otherworldly light.

Do Glow in the Dark Furniture Rentals Flash On and Off?

Yes, glow in the dark furniture rentals can flash on and off. Or they can stay one solid color if you prefer. They can even change colors in a rotation. You get to decide which route works best for your event.

Are There Any Other Glowing Party Accessories Available to Rent?

Glow in the dark furniture is not the only glowing rental that you can use for your next event. There are also cotton candy glo cones available at some party rental companies. These extra special treats make cotton candy appear to glow in the dark thanks to a glow stick beneath the sugar.

How Do I Go About Renting Glow in the Dark Furniture and Accessories?

Renting glow in the dark furniture and accessories is super simple with the help of a party rental company. Find an event rental company in your area that offers glow in the dark rental options. Go through the party rental website to see what options are available and use the contact form to get a quote for your party.

It’s that simple! The party rental company will reach out to you based on your choices and they will give you price details and scheduling options from there. You’re ready to glow, baby, glow!

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