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Rent Carnival Rides and Give Big Parties A Taste of the State Fair

By September 13, 2017Resources
Rent Carnival Rides

When planning a big party, people can go in many different directions. But one of the best is to give a large event a taste of a carnival or the state fair by renting carnival rides.

Party rental companies such as Fun Crew USA allow for both.

Rent Carnival Rides

Where once people had to wait for the local fair or carnival to visit a midway, companies such as Fun Crew give people the chance to do it at a company party, college event or big neighborhood get together.

The following represent some of the State Fair-type carnival rides that can be rented for a party of your own. In all cases, a professional team from Fun Crew will safety set up and operate the ride, leaving party guests and planners with only one job: Enjoy the ride.

Reckless Ride

This mechanical marvel seats eight riders at time. Riders sit in a round car suspended between two large pillars. The cart spins and swings, giving riders a strong pull of G forces as they fly through the air. Not for the faint-hearted, but just as good as any Scrambler ride you will find on the Midway.

Ferris Wheel

Nothing says “midway” quite like a Ferris Wheel. Now, party planners can give guests that great view from high atop a Ferris Wheel. This rental stands 50 feet high and accommodates up to 24 riders in seats that fit two people each. This one is especially perfect for large, high-traffic events, giving everyone a destination ride to enjoy.

Mobile Zip Line

Zip lines have become so popular that they no longer can only be found in remote mountainous locations. Even Busch Gardens in Tampa has a zip line, as do other amusement parks. Now, party planners can get one of their own. The Fun Crew Mobile Zip Line stands three stories high and allows guests to strap into a harness and take a fast ride along 200 feet of line. There’s nothing quite like flying along 30 feet in the air. A breaking system allows for riders to come to a smooth stop, ensuring the experience is safe and fun for everyone who wants to give it a try.

V4 Ultimate Bungee Trampoline

In terms of having fun, few inventions have proven as fantastic as the bungee cord. This ride takes it to yet another level of excitement. The ride can be set up with two or four stations. Attached to bungee cords and bouncing on a trampoline, the ride allows for people to fly as high as 25 feet in the air. The more nimble among the riders also will have the chance to do flips and somersaults as they soar into the air. This one is great for both kids and adults.

Carnival Games and Concessions

The carnival rides are one thing. But to complete the atmosphere, it’s a smart move to add the other elements of a good carnival.

Want a dunk tank to give everyone a chance to get the boss wet? That’s available. How about tents, concessions stands and food machines for popcorn and cotton candy? That’s available, too.

The list of carnival and concession items at Fun Crew is extensive. Pretty much every need can be met, including fun games for everyone to enjoy such as Skee Roll or the Hi Striker Bell Ringer (to see if people really are as strong as they claim!).

There’s plenty of fun items available, and that’s the whole point. People have fond memories of fairs and carnivals. Taking that idea and applying it to a big party is a great choice to create a memorable event for everyone.

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